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Posted on Mar 08, 2007 at 08:08 AM

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. PLEASE SEE CONTINUATION (BELOW) 14 MARCH 2007. MARRIAGE AND THE WIFE'S RIGHTS. Below are comments made by IMAM, extracted from a source: The main goal of marriage in Islam is the realization of tranquility and compassions between the spouses. For the attainment of this supreme goal, Islam defined certain duties and rights for the husband and wife. The Wife's Rights; The Husband's Obligations: Because the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, have commanded kindness to women, it is the husband's duty to: 1. Consort with his wife in an equitable and kind manner. Allah Almighty says, ".......and consort with them in kindness." (An-Nisa':19) 2. Have responsibility for the full maintenance of the wife, a duty which he must discharge cheerfully, without reproach, injury or condescendence. Allah Almighty says: "Let him who hath abundance spend of his abundance, and he whose provision is measured, let him spend of that which Allah hath given him. Allah asketh naught of any soul save that which He hath given it. Allah will vouchsafe, after hardship, ease.?" (At-Talaq:7) TO BE CONTINUED.........INSYA'ALLAH. ALLAH KNOWS BEST. ********************************** In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. CONTINUATION FROM PREVIOUS POST. (14 MARCH 2007) Below comments from Imam: Components of Maintenance: Maintenance entails the wife's incontestable right to lodging, clothing, nourishing and general care and well-being. 1. The wife's residence must be adequate so as to provide her with the reasonable level of privacy, comfort and independence. The welfare of the wife and the stability of the marriage should be the ultimate goal. 2. What is true of the residence is true of clothing, food and general care. The wife has the right to be clothed, fed and cared for by the husband, in accordance with his means and her style of life. These rights are to be exercised without extravagance or miserliness. Non-Materials Rights: A husband is commanded by the Law of God to: 1. Treat his wife with equity. 2. Respect her feelings, and to show her kindness and consideration. 3. Not to show his wife any aversion or to subject her to suspense or uncertainty. 4. Not to keep his wife with the intention of inflicting harm on her or hindering her freedom. 5. Let her demand freedom from the marital bond, if he has no love or sympathy for her. End of comments. ALLAH KNOWS BEST.

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