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Posted on Sep 07, 2006 at 05:49 AM

Bissmilaahirrohmannirrohim... Good woman: Educated,smart,beautiful,good job good life, have attitude, wise, etc... Good muslim woman: accept and practicing Al_Quran, Afraid just with Alloh SWT and love Muhammad SAW. Stay way from fitnah etc, with use hijab etc... Living in this world by Al_quran's quiding and dedicate her life for Alloh SWT and parent just, maybe... Maybe should do more lots thing as dedicate her life for humanity... Or the world???. When already married; afraid just to Alloh SWT, dedicate her life just to her husband. Like; makes lower her voice when talk with a husband, down her eyes of her husband's eyes, especially when they are in un agreement. And always agree with what her husband wants as long, what anything he wants, not crossed with Al-quran, sunnah and haddist. And always asking a permission for anything she will does...and etc...and... and... So it we are b'come a good woman and plus a good muslim woman... aren't we b'come= A perfect woman then? I think I would like it, b'come like that. That's what I wished since I was in primary school. But... In this our temporary life, century time, modern world, everything go so fast... Destiny, takdeer, future all... Just in Alloh's secret usually. We are as a ordinary human being... could get lots, sometimes... Could lost lots, too... When we get lots, we must say Alhamadulillah... When we lost we could say Innalillahi and believe, when we can't get anything our dream or we wants, to remain us, that we are just ordinary human being. Just Alloh has a perfect thing. I'm in this web... b'cause I want share anything in my minds with all sister&brother here in Islam ways, help each other and still love each other, even in different view. We just can be pantience, ihktiar and tawakal in everything we can't get sometimes. If I could... Of course I would love become a perfect woman. Insya Alloh, wish Alloh SWT, listening what I want from my depend heart, learning and correct my fools as soon as I can... Insya Alloh... I never despair for Alloh's blessing everyday, anytime. Wassalam.

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