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Posted on May 15, 2007 at 12:31 PM

Glorifying Allah gives you real life! Or: The Whole Universe is an Orchestra of Divine Glorification! Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah! Allah Allah, Subhan Allah! Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah! Allah ya Daim! ca. 2o x Allah ya Subhan! ca. 1o x Allah ya Sultan! ca. 1o x Allah ya Jalil! ca. 1o x Allah Dhu-l Jalal! ca. 1ox Hasbi Allahu wa ni?mal Wakil, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ?Aliyi-l ?Azim! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ?Aliyi-l ?Azim! Ya ?Azimu, ya Allah! ca. 13 x Ya Karimu, ya Allah! ca. 8 x Ya ?Azizu, ya Allah! ca. 12 x Ya Subhanu, ya Allah! ca. 8x Ya Sultanu, ya Allah! ca. 8 x Hasbi Allahu wa ni?mal Wakil, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ?Aliyu-l ?Azim! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Nothing can be (more) sweet for our souls (than) to make dhikr! angels - their lives real life - their lives is Tesbih, to say: ?Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah!? Countless kinds of Tesbih may be; it is countless. Everything (is) glorifying Allah, everything! Everything - Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya - everything it has a private structure, everything it has a personality, so that we can?t find through creation, through universe, through universes, to be on same personality. You may say atoms; for example hydrogen, it is an element. It is different from oxygen. Do you think that every atom from hydrogen (is) same? If they are going to be same, they must join to each other, but every atom keeping its personality, never getting to be two atoms coming together, no. Every atom keeping its personality. (It is) special, its personality! As you are not going to be similar for your son, different Therefore man billions of mankind they are all separated and everyone has a personality special. You are special, you have a specialty that making you different from second one, from third one, from others. Also from atoms, each atom it has a private personality, so that not coming to mix with another atom of hydrogen. If going to be joined with another hydrogen, going to be one nuclear and around going to be two electrons, it is another being, another creation. Therefore each one keeping its personality. If coming together, never going to be a hydrogen atom. And also, O people, each atom it has a name, private name, that just given, granted to that atom, from its Lord, from its Creator. And also given a kind, a different kind of glorifying that that one?s glorifying is not similar for second one. Each one it has different glorifying, so that everyone glorifying and that glorifying you can?t count them. You may look an orchestra - may be 20 kinds of instruments: Flutes, even piano, how many!? each one glorifying its Lord in another kind of glorifying. We are knowing nothing! We are saying: ?Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah?!? This is glorifying. But same time everything that we have, they are making a kind of orchestra and their glorifying coming in such a way (that) if you can hear, you can fall down! Glorifying Allah Almighty that is that Allah Almighty granted to His creatures: to make glorifying their Lord and whole universe is such a perfect glorifying orchestra! Allah Allah? Allah Allah?! Yes, Allah Almighty, let Him to grant ourselves with His endless Blessings to hear, to hear (the) glorifying of everything! (The) most beautiful glorifying (is) coming from water! Waters? glorifying (is) in such a majestic (way) that (it is) giving life to dead ones, making it to open, to come in life! Water (is) bringing everything from death to life! Without water, nothing (is) coming into life; therefore the secret, sirr, (the) secret of Allah Almighty that He granted only (to) water, is majestic, because that (is) bringing life, bringing life for dead ones. Allah Allah!? ??wa ja?alna mina-l mai kulli shayin hayy?!? Everything, so that (for) every creation (there) must be a master power from water to come into existence, to be alive. Water is (all the) same. ?Do you know how many kinds of water?? ?Yes, Sir, we know: spring water, rain water, ocean water?? so many! ?Tap water, (?) water?? That is that you know it! Mina-l ma- Alif, Lam, Mim Alif? you can?t count the kinds of water! ?Wa ja?alna mina l-ma - alif lam - kulla shayin hayy??? whole things, from being nothing, bringing to be something. That is, to make everything alive, the power, (the) secret power, that Allah Almighty (has) granted to water. So many kinds of water, but you know only rain water, rivers water, well water, ocean water? It is same, but (there are) so many kinds of water that (are) making, bringing life to everything. They were nothing and (then they are) coming to be something! Therefore, Prophets traditional knowledge that (is) reaching to awliya and sahaba from Rasulullah ? sallaLlahu akayhi wa sallam, that they were reaching to (such) a level (that) they were hearing (the) ?tasbihu l-miyah?; they were hearing (the) glorifying of waters! (When that happens) then that person (is) just stepping to a stage, to a level, that his physical being can?t carry to be there; (there is) appearing another personality. From that ?ma?, from that water; that water different water, (is) bringing people from (a) level, (the) lowest, to (the) highest, and their glorifying (is) going to be much more, much more, much more, much more - without stopping! Therefore - angels (are) glorifying and they are living! O people, if you are asking real life, happy life, peaceful life, you must continue to make Tesbih, to glorify your Lord Almighty Allah! Then you are reaching to a level (that) you are not in need to eat or to drink, because that levels? eating and drinking (is) just going (to be) different. And that person (is) never going to be ill; no need to take anything for his cure, water (is) enough! Therefore people (are) bringing (water to me and say): ?O Sheikh, blow (on) this water!? That is another sirr, another secret power. People may say: ?What is doing Sheikh? Blowing to water and giving people?? I am saying: ?You are on the level of donkeys, you are not understanding such a things, don?t ask! You ask from straw and green fields; go there, it is for you! Don?t say: ?We are not understanding? , it is not your level! You can?t understand!? Therefore, O people, we are doing Tesbih, glorifying of Allah Almighty; that gives you real life, at least you can smell (the) higher levels (re)freshment and pretties (?) and endless possibilities (are) opening to you through that level! That level. Keep on glorifying! Therefore we are making Tesbih after every praying. If you can do that glorifying, if you can continue to make Tesbih, glorifying, then you are reaching a level (that) you are not in need to drink or to eat from the level of animals. Now we are drinking and eating from the level of animals, but there is up, and another up, and another up, (which is) giving you much more pleasure, much more love, much more peace, much more pleasement, much more wisdoms, much more power, much more (divine) Beauty Oceans! They are saying (for) Aphrodite from Paphos (that she was) coming out from sea that they are saying it is the timthal, symbol, of (divine) Beauty? On that level, when you are reaching the Oceans of Beauty, ohhh? Sheikh X. your mind (is) running away, leaving you! Tesbih, reaching to that ocean, carrying people to that? Prophets (are) calling people to that unknown Beauty Oceans, pleasure ocean, pleasement ocean, peace oceans, wisdom oceans, hikmet, ulum, knowledge oceans, but people (are) insisting. They are asking: ?No, we are asking only here, that we are looking and seeing?? O people, therefore, try to make much more (Tesbih), to say: ?Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah??After prayings we are saying 33 times. We are saying in our Tariqa at least 100 times saying: ?Subhan Allah? ? Every Tesbih (is) taking you up from (the) animals level to (the) real level of mankind that they are (the) caliphs, deputies of Allah Almighty. Whom they are living on this level of animals, they are not going to be deputies, no! ??Inna ja?alnaka khalifata, ya Dawud, fi-l ard?? finishing every kind of your demands, wishings. When you are finishing, then you are reaching to be as Dawud ? alayhi salam, David, (that) Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him: ?We are making you now, when you are leaving every kind of your wishings that belongs to your physical being, when you are leaving it and glorifying your Lord, we are making you khalifa fi-l ard...? Which ard, which dunya? Special! Special; it is special, for you only, no partner! You are reaching to a universe that it is only for you, no partner! O people, we are knowing nothing, Allah knows everything! Therefore, the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order (is) making people and carrying them from their animal being to angels? being levels. When you are reaching to that level that only angels (are) there- no animals there- you can find your real being there, that just (is) put on your head (the) crown of being a servant to Allah Almighty; (it is) granted to you and also a special, blessed dressing that it is the sign of glorifying of Allah Almighty. You just dressed that level. O people, every kind of our praying that Allah Almighty ordered to His most beloved servant to make, (is) to take you from the level of animals to Malakut, (to) Heavenly Beings? level. May Allah forgive us and grant us - Huuu! - from (the) secret knowledge and (the) secret powers of glorifying! He makes us to run after it and to reach to the levels of angels that it is glorified worlds! May Allah forgive us and lead us, send us someones (that are) leading mankind to that levels. If not, we are all on the level of animals! May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured Prophet and Servant in His Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad ? sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam, Fatiha!

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