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Posted on Sep 16, 2006 at 01:10 AM

Assalammualaikum to everyone, May Allah forgives those who manipulate and bless us in the righteous way. I would like to share my experience which i had as i could remember this happen 5years ago. First of all, i won't be able to disclosed which TV media station of that country that this happen but it goes like this.... I had a friend who work as a news editor in this TV station pertaining to NEWS of the war between the non muslims and muslims. Her bad experience was that when she was asked to edit a news in this particular country, the picture of that place was bombed with no victims in it but she was asked to edit it that the place was bombed and put few victims (non muslims) in the picture. She was so depressed as she is a muslim when she has to do this all the time as that is what her job requires her to do till i advise her that she need to stop doing this as this is manipulating the life of islam when actually infact all this are not the TRUTH and furthermore broadcasting this to the WORLD and complications plus confusions will overcome the non muslims that we muslims are bad people. I advise her a lot again n again and she opened up more things pertaining to the news that she had to edit every single time until it has hit my threshold that i told her off nicely, " So what.. if u have made big bucks working in a tv media but at the end of the day u gain sins from all of us the muslims people. I rather u have nothing but gains the good deeds by doing goods to others. Do u know how big your sins have become by doing this? Aren't you afraid that tomorrow u might not wake up and watch another sunrise again and then you found yourself dead and ended up in hell? Aren't you afraid that u dont have time to repent and then the last thing u know that u r dead and by then u will tell ALLAH that give u another chance to repent? I told her that i am not a good muslimah yet but at least i dont do things that i know its bad, remember u r broadcasting this to the world and are u ready to take up all the muslims people sins?" She cried and held my hand and telling me thanks for knocking her sense off and waking her up. Finally, after she has realized her biggest mistake-she quit and move on to be a better muslimah. So now, i may not be working in the TV media news but there are things that i know what they did to us muslims to manipulate our mind our islam hood. So how can the TV news be 100 percent truth? im not saying that the news is not the truth because sometime real things happen just my objective is here to be aware and beware plus be alert. May Allah forgives me for my mistakes and bless us with HIS paradise. Amin

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