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Posted on Jul 02, 2007 at 05:59 PM

Imagine when you apply for leave from your boss, he answers you like this "You want to apply for one day leave? Anything else you want from the company?" In a year, you work 365 days. 1 year got 52 weeks, every week you rest for 2 days, then left 261 days working. Everyday you have 16 hours of not working, so minus 170 days, left 91days of work. Everyday you spent 30 minutes drinking coffee, sum up is about 23 days, so you left 68 days working. Everyday you spend 1 hour for lunch, then minus 46 days again left 22 days. Usually you apply 2 days sick leave every year, you still left 20 days working. Every year have 5 days holidays for festival or whatever, then you just work for 15 days. Again, company every year gives you 14 days leave? THEN ! You ONLY WORK FOR 1 DAY!!! Damn!! You still want to apply 1 day leave???

SebastianJoshua a.k.a SeaBass
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