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Posted on Sep 22, 2006 at 01:28 PM

asallamoalikum,prophet muhammad(pbuh) was steping on the member(place where u stand & give cermon) on his first step he said ameen,then on second same on third,after that companion asked about 3ameen he replied when i took first step angel gibrael came an said allah curse on those whos in front your name will mention & they don't say darood wa sallam upon u(sallallaho aliyea wa allihee wasallam)short version,on second step curse & hell on those who find there parents at old age but can't get junnah cuz of them ,mean taking care,b polite & treating them nicely,on third step curse on those who find month of ramadan & could't get forgivness & magfirah. my brother & sister in islam prophet muhammad(pbuh) used to fast in most of shaban accept 4 few,mean personality like him used to prepare himself for ramadan & ask allah swt give me life till ramadan.the month of blessing is knocking at our door,may allah swt give all of us a chance to get the best benifit & use of this profitable month so we can save as many deeds & blessing as we can in our saving account for ahkira insh'Allah jazakallah khair

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