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Posted on Aug 08, 2007 at 06:30 AM

Hello mate, I don't like pointing fingers and telling people things but i'm leaving and i've found your posts really informative. i thought i should drop by and give you a bit of piece of my mind. now i am not judging you as you have been doing that. i just want to inform you, or rather bring to your attention that people do have a device call television in their homes and work places these days. i don't know where you live but where most of us live we have the media in our reach to get the latest "news" and you really don't have to get into this much trouble of copy pasting the news. use your own opinion and be yourself. rather then spending time to dig and find things against people, spend some time studying yourself and build your own opinion about things. turn around and say the same to me, go on! mate, i'm human and i make mistakes and some i do willingly and some i don't. not here to judge you or your character but i would like to be at an arms distance from you because when you speak i smell hate. loads of Jews in London, good and bad just like anybody else. i made a willing mistake of saying things against islam. do you know why? not in a monkey year you can imagine why i did that! and yes i'm Muslim and proud of that. i had a reason and i stood for that. all went against me but i held on to it and still said those things which are beyond and all that. and in case you are wondering what is a monkey year, lets just say i am being polite. so mate there are things you can do on your PC other then copy paste the news. you can still do that or take a step back and look at things from a distance to see a bigger picture. like i said i'm leaving thats why i bothered to write to you, you should be proud because i just don't do that for everybody. i know myself and my religion better then you do. nice day. cheers! PS. need not to dedicate a post to me as i'm gone & won't be able to read. just trying to save you time so you can watch more news.

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