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Posted on Aug 08, 2007 at 01:52 PM

I'm sorry to dare say this and try and explain, but honestly I'm not sorry to say this at all. anyway, do you really need Jews Christian and Hindu's to cling on to Islam? or it comes from within you? and yes i am talking to you! so read on! if you need people like these then you don't know who you are and what you are made of. not half asleep and eyes half open and in trance, thats why and when i kicked you where it hurts you the most. faith and beyond. I'm gone as you wanted and if i was around you can hate me for that and hold it against me and i know the sin is on me and not on you but if i have to make you realise and leave trance and illusion, i would do that again. and again. how you took it was upto you. i know the strong point and weak point and i used it in best of my knowledge and may Allah forgive me for saying those things but i had to as desperate situations need desperate measures. you got that one right and the other wrong. good for you. and i'm proud of you like you can never imagine. i didn't used it for my own benefit as i wasn't sleeping or in doubts. i never was and still not. shut me up for who i am but you can not shut whats in me. thats a promise. and i do keep them. my regards to you and to all and i wish i was there or the other way around so i can live it as well. get it through your head it wasn't pity or help. it was what i said and promised that i wont let you astray or fall and for that if i have to earn a bad name i will. and that i did and thats what i got in return, misunderstanding and hate. remember! this is my limit and i can not stretch more. remember! this is as far as i push and then fall. remember! this was the promise and wallah i kept it in a way that it left me with nothing but bleeding. but i did what i promised and didn't changed and didn't used it for myself. and didn't let you fall. be free, be you. you know who you are. you are good and i am proud of you. i'm done.

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