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Posted on Aug 15, 2007 at 01:27 PM

Rest assured that we will jealously guard your secret. You may wish to submit your testimony anonymously, that is perfectly understandable and honourable even. For many ex-Muslims living in the West often travel back to the Islamic country of their birth, where they still have close relatives who themselves might be endangered by the apostates public declaration. Here are some guidelines if you wish to write a testimonyl, but of course you have no obligation to follow any of them. If you know exactly what you want to say, just write directly on our website. Were your parents religious? What was their mother tongue? Did they know Arabic? How often did they go to the Mosque? Education: did you go to Koranic school? Do you understand Arabic? Did you read the Koran? Did you understand it? When did you start questioning religion? Islam? Was there someone who encouraged you in your freethought? Were you influenced by any book? Were freethought books available to you at home? In town? At friends?? Do your parents know about your present feelings? Does anyone else in your family or circle of friends know? What is their reaction? Do you feel threatened? Have you been attacked physically for your beliefs? How would you describe yourself now? a) atheist b ) humanist c) rationalist d ) agnostic e ) deist f) secularist? 18. Perhaps a mixture of the above (e.g. some call themselves "atheist humanists," others "secular humanists") Looking forward to reading your testimonies. Remember they can be powerful agents of change, and a source of inspiration and solace for others. Good Luck.

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