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Posted on Nov 20, 2008 at 08:27 AM

Are you out to impress with falsehood or are you honest enough to yourself .. and to others? I was at a social function and a guy was rattling away throughtout the whole event about his qualities and his achievements. I got so weary of listening to his humongous self praises that before I walked away, I told him that all the achievements he claimed cannot be credited to him alone because there is no might or power without the Will Of Allah swt Later I found out that 75% of what he said were untrue. I can't understand why there are some who continue to resort to such habits. Everyone knows nobody is perfect... It is ok to make mistakes; it is ok to falter; it is ok to be lacking in some qualities... we all can't be Superman... What is important is how we deal with those weaknesses and failures. There are some who are very conscious about what people think of them that they often resort to fabrications. But don't they realise that the truth would eventually surface? When this happens, it is worse..... not only will people not think highly of them... it woud make people think BADLY of them instead! May we, and myself included, be always reminded that we are powerless on our own .... All praises are rightly due to Our Creator.....

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