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Posted on Jul 23, 2006 at 02:07 PM

Ibn AI-Qayyim (may Allah bestow mercy upon him) says: "Glory be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds! The one who stays away from sins will receiveg but dignity, protection of honor, security of property, the love and respect of people, honorable life, comfort of the body, strength of heart, satisfaction, delight, expansion of breast, security from aggression, relief, brightness of the heart, the easiness of earning livelihood, obedience to Allah, knowledge acquisition, a good-reputation, people making Du' a' for him, beauty of face, rever?ence in the hearts of people, help and maintenance of men, removal of the alienation between him and his Lord, the nearness of angels, the abandonment of jinn and human devils, the competition among people to serve and accompany him, the love of death to meet his Lord, great concern in the Hereafter to gain Allah's Grace, tasting the joys of obe?dience and belief, Du'a' for him by the ones who bears the Throne and the ones around it, the pleasure of the Honorable Writers and making Du'a' for him in all times, the consciousness of heart, strength of belief, an increase in their knowledge, attainment of Al?lah's; Love and His Pleasure in their repentance. These are the fruits of desisting sins in this life. furthermore, when the obedient servant dies, the angels meet him with glad tiding saying, 'Do not fear (anything), nor do You grieve, and have good tidings of the Garden that you are promised." He will move from the im?prisonment of this world to a garden of Paradise where he enjoys until the Day of Judgment. In addition, on the Day of Judgement he will stand in the Shade of Allah when there is no shade but His. At the end, he will be among the righteous and prosperous persons. Surely, that is the Grace of Allah; He brings it to whomsoever He decides; and Allah is the Owner of the Magnificent Grace." (lbn Al-Qayyim, Fawn 'd, pp.151, 152.) O Lord, Glory be to You! I am incapable of counting Your prais?es. You are as You have described Yourself! You are the One, the Ev?erlasting Refuge, Who begets not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him. Allah Most High says, (And of everything We created pairs, that possibly you would be mindful. Therefore flee unto Allah: I am a warner to you, clear and open.) (AI-Dhariyat: 49, 50) Ibn Kathir (may Allah bestow mercy upon him) says, (Allah has created pairs of everything) i.e.,heaven and earth; night and day; sun arid moon; water and land; light and darkness; belief and unbelief; life and death; happiness and miserliness; Paradise and Hell.., etc. This rule is correct also in animals and plants. Allah, therefore, reminds, (That possibly you would be mindful,) i.e., to believe that Allah is the only Creator, Who has no partner. (Therefore flee unto Allah.) Mankind then should return to Him and depend on Him in all affairs. (I am a warner to you, clear and open. And do not make any other as object of worship with Allah,) i.e., do not associate anything with Him.

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