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Posted on Jul 24, 2006 at 01:51 PM

In the name of Allah The question of Jihad in the cause of God is of an utmost importance in the lives of Muslims, God glorified the ancient Muslims by Jihad and they spread the religion all over the globe, and people came out of the dark into the light of day. And the state of Islam will remain compelling through its enemy if it sticks to Jihad and seak God's content. And if they leave Jihad then the enemy will mistreat them and be powerful upon Muslims, taking some of the hands. Our prophet said: "While you leaving Jihad and being weak and lazy and torturing the weak muslims and cheating people when selling, God will shame you and He will never forgive you and leave that shame until you come back again to God's religion and return to Jihad. Imam Ahamed supports this prophetic tradition. Albukhari said: "In the chapter of warning Muslims to have the machine of planting or surpassing the limits God mentioned, he said also that our prophet saw the planting machine in a house. And Abou Omama Albahely said that he heard prophet Muhammad saying about this matter of having the planting machine "If it enters a house shame enters then" Albukhari supported and Fath (4:5) Ibn Hagar said as the saying of Dawody that anyone having this machine will leave horsemanship and the enemy will be tyrannical upon him, he has to practice horsemanship and somebody else can supply them with their needs. (Fath Albary) Jihad is not the actual purpose and aim, but it is a means to invite people and calling them to the true religion of God, to make them enjoy this gift, so when the unfair rulers prevent the truth to reach people, Jihad was imposed upon people to conquer the countries and to put an end to those unfair rulers who stay to prevent people to know the true path, then inviting them and making them know why they were created and where they are going. When Rustum the Persian ruler asked Rabie Ibn Amer the messenger of Saad Ibn Aby Waqas: Who are you? He replied: We are people God created to make people chosen by God worship God the all and one, not to worship slaves, Allah is the God of slaves and he is the God of everything , and to make people change the unfair religions into the justice of Islam, and from the small space of life to the large area of life and the hereafter, God sent us with his true religion as a message to people, we invite them to enter Islam, he who accepts we will leave him to be happy with his true religion, but he who will refuse we will fight him till the end. By this way we will reach what God promised, they asked: "So what is the promise of God" he replied: "Paradise for he who dies in fighting those refusers, and the glory will be for the surviver" (Albidaya - Ibn Katheer 7-39) In fact, this religion is not a document to the Arab liberation, it is not a special message or an exception for the Arabs, its theme is human being, the type of human being,and its area is the land of all the earth. Allah is not only the God of Arabs alone, he is not only the God of who espouse the Islamic faith alone, Allah is the God of both worlds, and this religion wants to restore the two worlds back to their God and to uproot them from slavery to others, because the atheism is like cancer or more violent. So if the disbeliever does not believe in Islam or submit to the Islamic leadership, he must be uprooted so as not to ruin the society he lives in, Allah said: "But Allah willed to justify the truth according to His words, and to cut off the roots of the unbelievers" Jihad is divided into two types: 1 the forcing Jihad: it is a religious duty upon the people of the city, every Muslim living in that city which is invaded by the enemy, it is also a duty upon those who live nearby and they have not to refuse, also a duty upon those who live in a remote distance if they are needed to complete the number, and those who follow in distance as much as possible, those who retard to take part will be sinful and they will not have excuse with God. 2 Jihad demand: it is to exit and demand the enemy in their own land, it is a collective duty, if the sufficient number participate on, others will not be sinners, and if the defiance took part it is forbidden for the attenders to leave. Another section of duty of Jihad was imposed on Imam and it is to send a group to fight enemies once a year, he should go he himself until they enter into Islam, or give the tribute while they are feeling shame. There is also donation in Jihad and it is to send a group after group to the enemy at the periods of peace to appear in a powerful state to make them feel scared. So Jihad is a compelling invitation , it must be done as much as possible until there will not be but a Muslim or a peaceable and it must not stop. On the other hand, the saying that Islam did not know but the defensive war and the origin in treating the unbeliever is peace not fighting is a created saying, new, and an aberrance those who are spiritually and mentally defeated created it, that is because of the pressure of the contemporary reality, and they disagree with the plain proofs, Allah said: "and fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevails justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere." The greatest aim of the Islamic Jihad is to make people come back to the origin which is the true religion, that is to submit to God the one and only, so as to be happy and successful in their lives and the hereafter, the first characteristic of Godhood is the right of unlimited governorship which comes from the right of law making for the mankind, the right of making lives system,and the right of making methods in which that life is based on. We are obligated to try to carry out this straight course, and it will not happen without Jihad. look deeply to reality now, what will happen if the unbelievers defeat us? They will impose their system and the rubbish of their morals thoughts, he who thinks if making peace with the unbelievers that they will let him and stay in his lands is mistaken, and he has external thought, he has an exterior analysis who thinks that the unbelievers' aims is the lands, riches, and fortunes of Muslims , this is an aim, but it comes last in their aims, their primary aim is to spread their religion, color, and their disbelief: "They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they)" So, Jihad which was legislated by God and was put into effect through prophet Muhammad may God send his peace and blessings upon him in the reality of earth, be that or shame, laziness,cowardice , and sticking to the pleasures of the lower life . This and the thank is to Allah firstly and finally. Written by :Sayd Rajab Translated by: Mohamed Hassan A. Wahed

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