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Posted on Jul 27, 2006 at 11:03 AM

1 - The scholars are in agreement that Dhikr is permitted by tongue and heart for one who is in the state of minor or major ritual impurity and woman during her menstruation and post natal bleeding. Dhikr, here, may be glorification, praise, Du 'a' , praying for the Mes?senger of Allah, etc. (See AI-AdhkarAl-Nawawiah, p.8) [Note: We should keep in mind that reciting the Quran is excluded from the aforementioned ruling.] 2 - The one who engages in Rememberance of Allah should stop doing so in the following cases: - When one salutes him, he should stop and respond to the saluta?tion; - When someone sneezes, he should stop to supplicate for him; - When the Imam starts to deliver a Khutbah (sermon); - In times of Adhaiz and Iqamah, he should repeat the words after the muezzin; - To forbid evil and command good; - To guide a passerby; - To sleep when he gets tired. 3- You should keep in mind that one is not to be rewarded for obligatory or recommended Dhikr until he utters it and hears it provided that he is a deaf or hard of hearing. See AI-Adhkar Al-Nawawiah, p.5-10

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