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Posted on Jul 27, 2006 at 11:05 AM

The one who engages in remembrance of Allah should observe the following: 1- The place should be clean and pure; 2- To clean his mouth using Miswak (tooth-brush); 3- To face the Qiblah (Ka'bah); 4- To reflect on what one says; 5- To seek explanation from scholars about what he does not know; Here, we should keep in mind that one will never be rewarded for Dhikr unless he engages in Remembrance of Allah with his tongue and heart. Reciting the Quran is the most virtuous kind of Dhikr ex?cept in some cases (as above explained). Those who get accustomed to the supplications of night and day and the supplications recommended for various situations are recorded among men and women who en?gage much in Allah's Remembrance (whom Allah praises in Surah Al?Ahzab, verse 35). Whoever has missed the whole of his Wird (daily supplication), should catch a part of so that he does not get accustomed to neglecting it altogether.

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