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Posted on Aug 01, 2006 at 04:39 PM

The Drudge Report continues to act as Israel's biggest cheerleader, strangely quiet about deliberate war crimes and their penchant for barbecuing babies, passionately vocal about the perceived monsters of Hezbollah. One of Drudge's top links is currently headlined 'Photos that damn Hezbollah'. Click and it takes you to the Australian Herald - who carry photos of alleged Hezbollah members with, wait for it....weapons! Yes they actually have weapons! Can you comprehend this level of evil? Charred and mangled babies from indiscriminate Israelis bombings pale in significance to the fact that some guys have weapons! The article tries to make a stink about how Hezbollah blends in with residential areas. The past two weeks have provided enough reminders - houses full of women and children, UN observers, ambulances - that Israel's war crimes are targeted and deliberate - Hezbollah presence or not. On The Alex Jones Show today, veteran reporter Dahr Jamail (a Lebanese Christian) said that he visited the site of the Qana massacre and observed that there was no evidence of Hezbollah artillery or rocket munitions to be found. Reports accusing Hezbollah of using civilians as human shields have proven to be as wildly out of context as Iran making Jews wear yellow badges. Compare the photos for yourself and decide which are the most damning

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