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Posted on Nov 06, 2006 at 10:26 AM

Imaan is the fundenmental part of Islam without it we are not muslim. To have believe in Allah,He's Messengers(as) Hes Books,Angels etc is Imaan. but there is another aspect of Imaan which is firm yaqeen in this Imaan when we have that we can fullfill the commands of Allah. otherwise they are alot of muslim who say they have imaan but they are only in name muslim's and are negletfull of Allah's commands. we should all make effort on our Imaan so that it becomes strong and it will help us in this life and more imporatantaly the next life. To make our Imaan strong we should do good deeds read Quran,invite others towards Islam and speak about the greatness of Allah.When we do this Insha'Allah our Imaan will be strong and it will be easy to fullfill the commands of Allah.

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