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Posted on Nov 14, 2006 at 12:09 PM

ASALLAMOALIKUM WRWB,a deligate of buno harisa came to prophet muhammad pbuh,alkama bin harisa (ra) ask them who r u people. they reply we r people of imann Q what r the those signs A:they replied first five laillahillallhomuhammadurasoolallah,salah(pray),fasting,hajj & zakat next five imaan billah,on his books,on rasools(prophets),on angels & day of judgment. prophet muhammad pbuh said what else? they said.these r the quaities we always have. 1: waht ever allah give us we say thanks to him. 2: waht ever he takes from us we show saber(patence) 3:when he test us we don't complain 4:when we face test of allah,never turn our backs & ya rasool allah,we never get happy when we see suffering & pain of our enemy. when prophet muhammad(pbuh) heard the last one he smiled at them said ma ashrafa(woah,or wonderful) u have the qualities of prophets & said to them let me tell u 5 more & that will kamil your imaan. so the reply waht r those ya rasool allah? 1: don't build perminent houses where u r not going to live perminently 2: don't save waht is out of your use or what u don't use(meaning its so much poverty we see around us but we don't share extra with them & have it in our saving) 3:walk with fear or have fear from the one ALLAH(swt) u r going back to. 4:don't compete 4 things u r going to leave behind(don't fight with each other in the competetion 4 dniya) 5: compete with each other 4 junnah cuz u r going to live there 4ever so that competion is gona bring u ever lasting sucsess so my brother & sister i heard this in a lecture & decide to share with u,not sure i said it right or right way or type it in proper english but am sure enough to understand the meaning. may allah give all of us tofiq & hidaya inshallah

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