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Posted on Jul 07, 2006 at 10:06 AM

Salaam Little Brother, It is good that you are taking advantage of the lesson of loss to help you to become closer to Allah, especially while you are still young. That in and of itself is a mercy from Allah that many people do not receive until they have reached old age. Just some frieldly advice: One of the most beautiful attributes of any person is modesty. If a person is given beauty and does not draw attention to it, that makes them even more beautiful, and more accessible to others. I do not know what personality type you prefer in a sister, but most women want a man who is more attentive to their looks than to his own... If your chosen field is medicine, then this type of self-awareness is important because a patient may feel more at ease being candid and talking to someone who they perceive as being compassionate and easy to relate to. Insha'Allah no offense is taken, none was intended. I have many faults and I hope that if any of my Muslim brothers or sisters saw me making a mistake they would care enough to correct me.

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