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  • first ideas like go to any nic place and I want me and she only there

  • rawshid9610 (34M/San Antonio, TX)


    Hmm.............................. I can do something nice.

  • zzanobia (29W/Philadelphia, PA)


    Go out to dinner take a walk talk laugh get to know each other

  • romeonew (47M/Newport Beach, CA)


    I want our first date to be a dinner or just a simple date anywhere but not movies.. I want somewhere we can talk look into each others eye balls and get to know each other.

  • HazelEyes2000 (28W/Los Angeles, CA)


    I would love to go to a middle eastern dinner and dancing spot as a fun night out date, but maybe not on a a first date. First date would be a modern coffee spot or something low key ...

  • Pakstalion (39M/Riverdale, GA)


    Dinner in pakistan restrant. i say wrong thing 2 make u smile. we talk bout ur favrate place. r u laughing yet. i 's speak english goothe ess.

  • Okei652000 (48M/Oslo, Akershus)


    A good conversation over good food in a back feel fully local , is a good start when learning to know each other . Afterwards, we go for a walk together and see something beautiful , such as sunset.

  • Saheedah (29W/victoria, Queensland)


    Is there still a real man out there,I wish he could come my way and make me feel the atmosphere of passion,I am a cheerful woman

  • habibiii (35M/Paterson, NJ)


    I think first day we can find romantic restaurant

  • edwin1987 (28M/Belleville, NJ)


    go to a nice restaurant get to know each other better then go to the movie

  • To get to know each other more such as likes and dislikes etc..

  • Shakron (30M/Newark, NJ)


    Offer magrib at Masjid. Get something to eat. Reveal likes,dislikes,and worldly desires. Talk about our up coming. Exchange information and stay in touch.

  • My first date ideas purpose is to known each other.....

  • Jaha aap Jana kahoge vaha lekar jaunga aapko

  • On my first date , together we will have a nice dinner ,know each other and we have a talk together and knowing dislike and like about each other.etc.