First Date Ideas

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  • silverarrow008 ( 33 / M / Houston, TX )

    Meeting somebody in a public location, and with time see if there is a click or not between each other. Family members can also be present if needed.

  • jaleelnurdeen ( 39 / M / Orangeburg, SC )

    A picnic jur us and a walee eating talking about us and the deen

  • deen_fiend ( 35 / M / Washington, DC )

    Where ever the vibe takes us.h hopefully on the straight path

  • ErikBass ( 24 / M / Hawthorne, NJ )

    It can be anything really, as long as we have a good time.

  • RajKasab ( 24 / M / India )

    I does not have any date experience.Iam also excited in it

  • SitiSayadi ( 33 / W / Singapore )

    Depending how much daylight left or more hours to reach

  • Wasted_Mind ( 25 / M / Cape Town, Western Cape )

    My 1st date would just be a casual get together for coffee or milkshake, just to speak and get to know each other a bit better. Nothing fancy

  • Jawad32 ( 35 / M / Saint-Laurent, QC )

    A first date would be a moment to get a sense of each other's vibe and presence, without it feeling like we're shopping for someone ;)

  • kbquestn ( 40 / W / Albany, NY )

    With spring just around the corner i cant wait to get out and about so a nice walk along the river maybe fly some kites and a picnic where we can see children playing and boats sailing in the distance

  • mohasuha ( 42 / W / Union Grove, WI )

    Perhaps lunch and conversation, if all goes well- window shopping to compare taste

  • shadae ( 23 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    I will know when the time comes.

  • Abdelrhman_t ( 33 / M / Washington, DC )

    What I really prefer is a traditional family visit at home where the girl parents are present. However, as we are in none Muslim country and parents might not be Muslims then it depend on the weather. If it's cool we can...  read more>>

  • Abdullah717 ( 39 / M / Mechanicsburg, PA )

    something simple.park coffee tea just simple

  • oduwole ( 29 / M / sango-otta, Ogun )

    M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ first date hot so much and I don't want to speak about. The experience.....but is so fun but the lady don't appreciate M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ effort. If not her break up I will not know Allah nd I thank god for that.

  • brownee ( 31 / W / Sweden )

    Public place or as Allah as pleased with