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Just can't be categorized My favorite date ideas

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  • Tama78 ( 37M / Chicago Ridge, NY )


    In muslims places that could in the Muslims restaurant with her relative

  • Butterfly816 ( 25W / Lexington, KY )


    Depends on the person and our interests.

  • adammoustafa ( 30M / Herndon, VA )


    Nice dinner and a nice lounge area afterwards! i also like to dance too! but maybe not on a first date

  • edalhy ( 24W / Davenport, FL )


    I am not interested in dating. I am interested in friendship with my umma.

  • glengardon1 ( 57M / Los Angeles, CA )


    Will love to pick you up for a drink and picnic on a beach, also will love to take you for a ride only if you dont mind and see what will happen after that.

  • nadirian ( 29M / Athens, GA )


    What ever makes her happy. I always feel like my lady deserves more than what I give

  • cory_nas ( 34M / Singapore )


    Unplanned, unnoticed will be much more fun...just make yourself ready

  • gulamjamin ( 32M / Danbury, CT )


    I would be starting with a brunch,dinner and movie to end the day.

  • _Imaan_ ( 30W / London, England - London )


    .fffff ddkdks dkakjfkfjaslf asfoasjfasklfjas

  • soomee ( 42W / port elizabeth, Eastern Cape )


    Classy restaurant soft music playing near beach during daytime followed by a movie and then say goodbye

  • imeln1 ( 23M / Melbourne, Victoria )


    hahahahahahahahahaha lol at their suggestion.

  • malakjamel ( 41W / Glendale, AZ )


    you pick me up of course u have flowers for me. Go out to eat, Then we go for a walk, talking, laughing. Then we take a drive. Having a great time. Then who knows after that!

  • abdulkhabir2011 ( 33M / Garland, TX )


    open for ideas. must be chaperoned

  • farahIslam ( 31W / Richardson, TX )


    Preferably meeting at the masjid or with a group of friends for dinner :)

  • munirhoxha ( 34M / Saddle Brook, NJ )


    I would ask her what she thinks is a good idea as I believe the muslim wife is always the best in making decisions in everything. I really believe Allah has ordained her judgement superior in all things. The muslim wife  more>>