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Spiritual My favorite date ideas

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  • CoolSum ( 22W / Neuburg, Bayern )


    Ich weiƟ es nicht genau, einfach fragen.

  • charlieomar ( 31M / Union City, NJ )


    Jumah, right after a brisk walk to the park getting to know one another especially while around children brings out the innocence in one, im very spontaneous so we may decide than.

  • Ashnsad ( 23M / Sri Lanka )


    I will love her so mutch and im caring about her mutch mutch. Happy to remind that . That was good. But idont have mutch of things to remind

  • ReZa1o8 ( 25M / Columbia, MD )


    Fly to Honolulu for a weekend.

  • jahangir_abm ( 39M / Jiddah, Makkah )


    Asslamu Alaikum, I am practicing Islam as an muslim. Can you mail me at I will reply Ingshallah, Thanks regards Mohammad

  • gugu3100 ( 55M / Al khartum, Al Khartum )


    I love Muslims specially Sofi Muslims, Sufisms is Religion of Love . Love Allah (The Creator )Who created the all do well ,and love what he created and creats (the whole existence) including the seen Universe.If this is  more>>

  • Rabiahtu2000 ( 39W / Decatur, GA )


    There is no dating in Islam, talk to my Wali.

  • Julian1982 ( 32M / Omaha, NE )


    Can we just enjoy eachothers company & conversation when desired, without the pretenses of dating?

  • samymice ( 45M / Buffalo, NY )


    how aout we know each other y the net befor we can meat each other

  • nasru1 ( 34M / Delhi, Delhi )


    i would like to have a candle light dinner, but after knowing each other first.

  • jeremiah9 ( 73M / Homestead, PA )


    Family and Friends, sightseeing tour.

  • oscar0712 ( 46M / San Diego, CA )



  • lincoln ( 38M / Loganville, GA )


    Would be to meet in mercy of allah and talk of future goals and dreams plans and aim my character is unique so not just anyone will do compatibility is a must conviction to one god and devotion to roll as a wife of seven  more>>

  • ekstash ( 38W / patra, Akhaia )


    i love to walk near to sea and see the sunset and the night sea the moon its not need to be something special the important is to have good mood and must have chemistry

  • 11117777 ( 30M / milan, Lombardia )


    i d like to meet my girl everywhere in the world, i like beach and mountains...