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  • Soussoo (35W/KĂžbenhavn, Kobenhavn)


    let It be spontaneous...Meet up for a drink , Visit a new restaurant...

  • jlmmjr (42W/Columbus, OH)


    Hmmm....somewhere with lots of people. I'm not much for quiet spaces. I like to be in lively atmospheres! A nice restaurant, coffee shop, somewhere stimulating!

  • sugarandspice (39W/Etobicoke, ON)


    Go out for dinner and a movie

  • Sam3000 (27M/Savannah, GA)


    keep it simple and learn about each other

  • Vzionaries (35M/Singapore)


    Very simple, a nice dinner, beach ... sand sea...sun...

  • khadi59 (30W/London, England - London)


    For a first meeting it will preferably be for lunch, dinner or just for a drink followed by a walk/sitting in a nice park, a common place or a place i have never seen.

  • weirdbeondreson (24W/Colorado Springs, CO)


    I like simple. Dinner, to talk and get to know each other and then a movie, to bet able to enjoy each other without the pressure to talk. Of course, if you have something you really like to do, or you want to do somethin  more>>

  • Faiz_nj (27M/Piscataway, NJ)


    Go to a nice medittarean restaurant followed by a walk and a car ride while blasting music.

  • firefly47 (25W/Pittsburgh, PA)


    For the first date I feel that a low key dinner is best. It's a comfortable intimateway of getting to know one another.

  • Sammy772001 (22M/Dearborn, MI)


    A first date would be a nice dinner watever the female wants to do..

  • bilal714 (47M/Tucker, GA)


    must converse to plan, I will taylor the date to the likes and interests of the sister.

  • akutavvi (51M/Cape Coral, FL)


    dinner around the beach, candle light

  • Rahman30 (33M/Washington, DC)


    As salamu alaikum. How about we go to a nice restaurant of your choice and we get to know each other and have a decent conversation insha Allah

  • mmosazaki (28M/riyadh)


    i hope find my life partner anytime & anywhere in the world .

  • mubarakmustafa (25M/East Lansing, MI)


    A long walk on a pristine and serene beach