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  • A meeting for coffee at some good restaurant to have a talk for understanding each other.

  • chilled4 (30M/Sutton, England - London)


    Ideally at a sporting event - but just a coffee will do on a first date.

  • Hope to be for serious purpose

  • muslimman1234 (30M/Melbourne, Victoria)


    Depends on whether or not your from Melbourne: I love coffee and I spend most of my spare time either reading or working from a cafe or a library. Would be good if we could have a coffee somewhere... Cafes are always goo  more>>

  • Naz5288 (24W/Bradford, England - West Yorkshire)


    I dun have any experience abt date realliii xxx

  • Katrina2000 (58W/Windsor, ON)


    Go out for a coffee or tea. A nice dinner in a good restaurant with great food. I love eating! ( who doesn't ) I do eat meat but lean towards fruits and vegetables.

  • omed1983 (29M/Bolton, England - Greater Manchester)


    I like we haveNa chat and talk and see ich athar...

  • moataz424 (24M/Charleston, SC)


    Something personal, no movie first date, something to help me get to know you a little better.

  • I dnt know exactly that what and where it just happens and suddenly

  • gmrana (48M/Hounslow, England - London)


    I believe to live in peaceful atmosphere and with mutual harmony, trust, confidence, loving, caring and trustworthy atmosphere. I am straight, honest, loyal and moderate person and believe to respect others and expect th  more>>

  • ajma1216 (41M/York, ON)


    In such a place that fulfill the requirement of privacy.

  • shazada786 (37M/Luton, England - Bedfordshire)


    My first will be starbucks for coufee inshaalah and will be caring understanding

  • Simple meeting and conversation for evaluating the compatibility for each other.

  • I am ready for any ideas .... You may decide

  • amdi12 (28M/Sydney, New South Wales)


    Probably a coffee and a nice walk which would give time for a nice convo