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  • rachid85 (29M/seraing, Liege)


    se rencontrer avec respecte l'islam nchalah

  • Asra5550 (44W/Brisbane, Queensland)


    Coffee and chat is good. My favourite cafe is the European in Spring St Melbourne but any cafe you like is fine with me.

  • ladyleosa (24W/Jhb, Gauteng)


    Stimulating conversation over a cup of coffee or lunch. Good conversation is always an indicator of whether or not two people are compatible as friends or otherwise.

  • dont do dates. . . . . . . . . . . , . .

  • oceanvibe (38M/Portsmouth, RI)


    A walk and lunch or dinner would be good

  • to be honest I wasn't sure it was a date. Because I meant to meet someone for job hunting. And it was so embarrassing...

  • passionberries (34W/Toronto, ON)


    my first date will be casual coffee

  • samabdallah12 (30M/New Milford, NJ)


    Getting coffee and then walking at a park, talking and getting to know one another. If i lived closer to the beach I'd say beach.

  • sincereaussie (39W/canterbury, New South Wales)


    going for coffee and to get to know you slowy

  • YourSuchA (19W/Centerville, GA)


    Would love to go for a coffee:)

  • Onthiking to all just talk and enjoy. Enjoy means just fun only. Any girls to interest plz me and dating for me

  • ukrjorusa (23W/Riverton, CT)


    At a mall, cafe idc this is a pretty pointless question

  • yusuf4manneh (27M/bern, Bern)


    take a nice stroll and hang out some spot and talk for the while

  • angel88 (26W/Sydney, New South Wales)


    going to a nice cafe. and then for a long walk in a park.

  • nadpad (47W/Waterloo, ON)


    I am not looking for a date. Its is more of getting to know someone then maybe talk and then go from there. it would be at a coffee shop