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  • Ramakarl (22M/Any, Al Madinah)


    My first date i want to have it in either Kasese, Mbarara or Fortportal Uganda

  • zaney1 (28M/Mississauga, ON)


    walk by the park ( lake)...dinner and movie, or for a coffee at starbucks

  • Mr_lovely (27M/Snellville, GA)


    Studying about islam together then go out to have a wonderful dinner. making our salah together.

  • mohamad55 (21M/Chicago, IL)


    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Let's discus that later,,,,

  • zeidizm (30M/O Fallon, MO)


    It would have to be something different than the traditional dinner and movie. More like a picnic and conversation and a walk in the park

  • Sooper247 (35M/Bradford, England - West Yorkshire)


    Simple restuarant - nothing to posh...

  • sarah876 (22W/Sylvania, OH)


    Anything! I dont really care..

  • wendylisa (37W/Cairo, Al Qahirah)


    I love candle lightning along the beach then walking along the sea side sharing thoughts together

  • Goodhumanbeing (37W/Dhaka, Dhaka)


    Spending the entire day walking hand in hand along the streets of Venice, Italy , savoring the beautiful view that it's many architectural monuments present. After lunch at a roadside cafe', go for a long boat ride acros  more>>

  • konokcha348 (47M/Oklahoma City, OK)


    Call her on the phone ,and start a conversation of knowing each other , inviting to meet at a romantic evening of food and fun. Getting to know each other. After all this could be a invitation lasting forever.

  • noturaverage1 (32W/Sherman Oaks, CA)


    Fun, full of life!! I love great food!!!

  • ibrar130 (30M/Manchester, England - Greater Manchester)


    Not to sure what to put in ere lol

  • susanmasriya (22W/Chicago, IL)


    First date should is the most memorable and most important. Should be somewhere like a theater where you don't have to talk too much to avoid awkward silences.

  • kihash (48W/Thornton Heath, England - London)


    go for dinner,movies or take along walk (if the date go's well)

  • yinka23 (42M/Hyattsville, MD)


    Grabbing dinner at Italian restaurants or any seafood joints would not be a bad idea. Getting to know each other better is the key..