First Date Ideas

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  • moha2m ( 25 / M / paris, Ile-de-France )

    hmm i think in the restaurant or ?

  • ibramitole ( 26 / M / Mountain View, California )

    i can not say anything at all because i have never done it before.

  • IsolatedMisfit ( 24 / M / Portland, ME )

    First I'll need to find out what you like and get to know you.

  • thewill ( 31 / M / Le Chesnay, Ile-de-France )

    Well the first date...i would like to have quite discussion to hear her for the first time and see the impression that she will leave...

  • DzulcarnainShah ( 56 / M / Singapore )

    I have no ideas what will be my first date after 13years. It is very long time of period and I sincerely hope to meet ladies age 45-55years old regardless status with or without children, single, divorcee, widowed or sin...  read more>>

  • Motomoto ( 26 / M / Reno, NV )

    Camping nature, Lake Tahoe if weather good. Something spontaneous is always fun.

  • omar__khan159 ( 30 / M / Reading, England - Berkshire )

    Not sure, but would want to talk first.

  • Adamirputin ( 33 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I would love to meet a man who can take on a date first class to Paris. Clearly that is a fantasy! At this juncture, I would enjoy meeting up for a walk, lunch at my favorite restaurant, or going to a coffee house to tal...  read more>>

  • newmuslimsara ( 32 / W / King George, VA )

    I would love to do the dinner and a movie thing. The date would have to depend on the interests of me and my date.

  • yasmine13 ( 23 / W / Columbia, SC )

    dinner and a movie typical but is nice for first date

  • salahudeen99 ( 29 / M / Winston Salem, NC )

    im open to anything or movies,bowling or mini golf

  • mahbir ( 28 / M / Dhaka, Dhaka )

    I want it to be a total surprise Actually I don't want to date before marriage, not allowed in islam.

  • singlestooge ( 29 / M / essendon, Victoria )

    have to b honest i just follow the flow don't make much of plan cuz if it doenst go well then it hurts alot if u plan before hand

  • lunton19 ( 30 / M / Savannah, GA )

    II have no Idea. I will figure it out when the time comes, but there is definitely gonna be some food involved :-)

  • FatuSillah ( 51 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I'm not ready for dating/marriage yet, but if I was asked to pick, I would say to see New York or a drive to the shore.