First Date Ideas

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  • Thomas2011 ( 40 / M / Tacoma, WA )

    a gym workout or a lunch, maybe a nice dinner and a movie?.

  • korosh007 ( 43 / M / Pittsboro, IN )

    travel and my job and sport ...

  • trinigirl79 ( 37 / W / Valley Stream, NY )

    My perfect first date would be having a walk on the beach and just talking and getting to know each other. Being that I live in NY, that isn't always ideal having a nice dinner is always good as well!

  • Niam1114 ( 46 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    InshaAllah, I feel best in public setting or even a meeting arranged at a local masjid.

  • ayehva ( 52 / W / Arlington, VA )

    My first date idea would be a islaamic lecture or discussion...or a visit to the persons mosque.

  • MuslimahLayla ( 24 / W / Clearwater, BC )

    I want friendship, not dating.

  • CTAthlete ( 30 / M / Ansonia, CT )

    It would need to be according to Shariah law

  • omar_shehidi ( 34 / M / malmö, Skane Lan )

    all dates must take place in public places our with weli

  • dulas786 ( 28 / M / johannesburg, Gauteng )

    Go out for either coffee or a picnic. ..

  • MuslimahBeauty ( 27 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    My ideal first date would be in a living room, doesn't matter who's. Watching movies, eating junk food and playin around with our kids. Someone who will take the time to teach me the Islam that he knows. I'm young, but I...  read more>>

  • littlestarzz ( 31 / W / Seattle, WA )

    i dont like first dates, so it has to be very casual.

  • muaazz ( 46 / M / Maidenhead, England - Berkshire )

    Islamic Hala. would be best to meet in an islamic way inshaALLAh, like masjed or in a publick area

  • Inquisitiv ( 34 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    I'll cook you something nice and we'll take a walk on the beach and get to know one another under the stars.

  • AlanAbas ( 45 / M / Oslo, Oslo )

    Geting on the frist airplane we can reach, and having date any where in the world. I can do it and Im ready to go! You just need to say yes, and nothing more..and no charge offcourse..

  • DenzellOJ ( 25 / M / Columbus, GA )

    My first date idea? Well my idea of "dating" is a bit different than most's. I feel like a relationship should evolve out of friendship. So anything I do with my friends, I'm able to do with whoever I'm with. S...  read more>>