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  • serenahussain (40W/Birmingham, England - West Midlands)


    I would love to meet up in a cafe and maybe go out somewhere else if we get on. Like cinema. Etc

  • _sarah86_ (27W/Gloucester, ON)


    A coffee shop where we can have a conversation.

  • Amina0321 (31W/Mississauga, ON)


    Go to a coffee shop and go from there...

  • l84ad8 (56W/Orlando, FL)


    I would like to meet at a cafe for tea/coffee and enjoy a good conversation. I do not talk a lot, but I am a good listener.

  • Maybe just meeting up somewhere where we both comfortable with and maybe having a meal or coffee.

  • gbarella (27W/Toronto, ON)


    Go for a coffee, movie, walking in a park...

  • JJ2012 (26W/Farmington, MI)


    Ask me about this..................

  • 7abebte (29W/Redford, MI)


    Dinner. Coffee. Museum. Park. Lunch on a weekend. Hookah cafe. Spontaneous jestures are always good.

  • I dont have any date until this time

  • bilqtar (31W/Chelsea, MA)


    Please ask me date ideas. Thank you

  • jjunedi (37/Los Angeles, CA)


    Could be somewhere in a cafe , nice conversation , little bit of walking by the beach

  • sal190 (24M/liverpool, New South Wales)


    firstly im going to ask her and see or perhaps i have a candlelight dinner and then go for a movie :) have a dinner and then go for a walk.

  • destiny60 (53W/Port Saint Lucie, FL)


    Mutually acceptable place that we can have a cup of coffee and talk.

  • raheem23 (29M/London, England - London)


    my first date would be in Hyde Park, in London sitting at the Cafe Shop Overlooking the lake, we wud have Tea and talk

  • asa contex bgdio carew zapping giopan hgad foor my vioz tandos