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  • I take him a long drive and gave hum a nice diner party

  • iqbalmughal (40M/Oldham, England - Greater Manchester)


    Its depend on both party's and wilk desaid later

  • Samanthasw (23W/Philadelphia, PA)


    Never been on a nice date. Would like to go somewhere nice with music.

  • I will take her to 5 star hotel for dinner

  • Go to america for life enjoy with my life partner

  • Any separate place where we can discuss about us an our feature

  • abushraim (25M/Rockwall, TX)


    Going out to eat and getting to know each other. Or w.e floats the boat

  • amsyedo (36M/Anaheim, CA)


    Candle dinner, I like to understand the person before I go for date.

  • BagherKhan (73M/Shelton, CT)


    Any where you like to go or to do, my goal is her to enjoy her evening.

  • samirasta (36M/Liberal, KS)


    Go some where have lunch;nd have fun hope u gonna like it

  • GregAdkins69 (45M/Durham, NC)


    A quiet dinner where we can talk. Maybe a movie.

  • naziasyed (26W/Arlington, TX)


    Not sure yet where andvwheb I am just looking and wben I find that special person then we will see if we go for dinner as a family and have a good time

  • sewar30011 (36M/Nashville, TN)


    Out for nice dinner that you decide what's in you're favorite.

  • ZafirAbdul (38M/Philadelphia, PA)


    Just chillen in the house watching movies while i cook a nice meal,getting to no eachother

  • Nadim62 (48M/Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland)


    Perefer a cozy and quiet restaurant dining long and exchanging eachothers thought ....