First Date Ideas

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  • iesha3737 ( 42 / W / Palmdale, CA )

    my first date should be something a walk in the park talking and getting to know each other

  • UmmHajar ( 28 / W / Dallas, TX )

    My first date Idea would be going to Jum'ah first and the going to eat somewhere nice aftewards. Maybe catching a move or eating at the park.

  • Nissaa1976 ( 40 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    I would love to be in a crowded environment eating grubby food. That's where you get to experience the "real" person... not in some fancy restaurant, where best behaviour and polished outfits are required!

  • lexus200IS ( 61 / M / Florida, Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    Coffee Shop or walk in the Park

  • tapir_cibak ( 30 / M / Piscataway, NJ )

    wandering around streets, having coffee at a nice small cafe and then a nice dinner..

  • Ameenah2007 ( 52 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    Go to a Movie and Dinner or an Amusement Park and enjoy the rides.

  • blueya ( 59 / W / Kuala Lumpur, Selangor )

    A light picnic in an open meadow or on a hillside looking out across a valley, with interesting scenery and soft breeze wisphering in the wind...

  • SoItWasWritten ( 27 / W / Scarborough, Ontario )

    Nothing fancy. Casual attire. A morning stroll around a scenic neighbourhood...right after sunrise (yes, im a morning person), while sipping on our favorite hot beverages (mine happens to be London Fog with cinnamon..mmm...  read more>>

  • sexc ( 38 / M / bradford, England - West Yorkshire )

    depends on the mood of the party and shall see what happens next.

  • taaliba194us ( 58 / W / Woodmere, OH )

    A first encounter might be in a group setting. I'll observe how you relate with others and you'll find out what's on my mind. Moving on, and if there's something that clicks, we could find ourselves walking and talking...  read more>>