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  • Cupcake99 ( 34 / W / Boca Raton, FL )

    Walk around a park of some kind and talk/ get to know each other a bit while still able to comment on the things we see while walking...... Maybe stop and get coffee/ lunch somewhere :)

  • muslimasarah2008 ( 51 / W / Seattle, WA )

    will discuss later when appropriate

  • man2011 ( 25 / M / North York, ON )

    Your idea is as good as any to me!

  • Prettylady2000 ( 32 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    My perfect ideaof a first date would be a romantic trip to the beach. Then have a cute picnik lunch. After we could go swimming and watch the sunset. Ahhh, amazing!

  • Ameen9963 ( 37 / M / San Francisco, CA )

    Only Allah knows , But whatever you would like to do, Just Have Some Good food , And a nice time

  • SunKissed ( 32 / W / Dayton, OH )

    Romantic dinner in a cozy but classy restaurant, movies and a walk on the beach

  • thatislife ( 37 / W / Slough, England - Buckinghamshire )

    good manners, respect, humour and good conversation are important. Money is not issue, good impression and sharing the food.

  • ChopstickJedi ( 29 / M / Coeur D Alene, ID )

    I would say a good first date would include a long walk through the park, grab a bite to eat, then do something fun like finger paint portraits of each other? Whatever's fun and spontaneous.

  • iesha3737 ( 44 / W / Palmdale, CA )

    my first date should be something a walk in the park talking and getting to know each other

  • UmmHajar ( 30 / W / Dallas, TX )

    My first date Idea would be going to Jum'ah first and the going to eat somewhere nice aftewards. Maybe catching a move or eating at the park.

  • Nissaa1976 ( 42 / W / Mississauga, ON )

    I would love to be in a crowded environment eating grubby food. That's where you get to experience the "real" person... not in some fancy restaurant, where best behaviour and polished outfits are required!

  • lexus200IS ( 63 / M / Florida, Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    Coffee Shop or walk in the Park

  • tapir_cibak ( 32 / M / Piscataway, NJ )

    wandering around streets, having coffee at a nice small cafe and then a nice dinner..

  • Ameenah2007 ( 54 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    Go to a Movie and Dinner or an Amusement Park and enjoy the rides.

  • blueya ( 61 / W / Kuala Lumpur, Selangor )

    A light picnic in an open meadow or on a hillside looking out across a valley, with interesting scenery and soft breeze wisphering in the wind...