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Just can't be categorized My favorite date ideas

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  • khanyR ( 30W / London, England - London )


    Dont date sorrry peeps.... No no mo

  • sportdoc19 ( 46M / Woodmere, NY )



  • Muslim_Beauty ( 21W / Minneapolis, MN )


    Whatever we decide to go together. Just somewhere that we can gt to know each other.

  • Nat_777 ( 38W / paris, Ile-de-France )


    Candelight dinner in a romantic restaurant :)

  • Rudy13 ( 21M / Salem, NJ )


    I can be just about anywhere, as long as it has a beautiful sunny day and/or full moon night.

  • betty_noor ( 46W / Singapore )


    Candlelight is for dreamer. Let us go for a yoga retreat or Marakesh or Mongolia grassland 5k,10k or half marathon and cultural travel. We learn to understand each other perseverance tolerance empathy and growing relatio  more>>

  • omario123456 ( 25M / Mississauga, ON )


    We speak in the masjid. We teach each other how to say the shahadah. We teach each other how to pray salah. We teach each other how to give zakah. We teach each other how to make sawm and we teach each other how to do ha  more>>

  • zainabkhalid92 ( 22W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    I have no idea what to write here

  • shadid1 ( 41M / Philadelphia, PA )


    Talking listening laughing smiling eating al-hamdulilah

  • isyah91 ( 24W / Singapore )


    Any will do... Communicating in a comfortable atmosphere or excitement...

  • fatima40 ( 47W / Marrero, LA )


    Muslims do not date!! I have not dated since I have been a Muslim!!!

  • CrossStitcher ( 55W / Sigourney, IA )


    Meet at the mall, so we can walk around. Sit and talk. People watch. Find something to drink or eat if we want.

  • AlijjHamza ( 30M / Slovenia )


    those who are looking for the perfect woman will remain single.

  • arafat102 ( 30M / India )


    would you like to watch a movie or listen to music with me tonight?

  • AlZahid39 ( 42M / Germany )


    I will leave this in Allah's hands. I'm sure it will be amazing.