First Date Ideas

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  • ariessays ( 31 / M / Pakistan )

    No idea........................

  • Jamila_J ( 31 / W / Janesville, WI )

    If the weather is nice I would like to go to a Carnival or Six Flags. I enjoy Dave and Busters or Gameworks. A nice restaurant for dinner would also be great.

  • bilal27 ( 38 / M / Korea, South )

    I would love hangout movie dinner coffee talking

  • ImScorpioLicous ( 27 / W / Dearborn, MI )

    I rather be asked this. There is no ideal first date in my book. You may want to go the movies with one person and with the next person you may just want to take a walk.

  • IHATEALLAH ( 21 / M / Burbank, IL )


  • haitham2012 ( 27 / M / Denver, CO )

    As long as we like eachother itll be perfect.

  • bismet12 ( 22 / M / Wien, Wien )

    Kommen wir zur Sache... will im Geheimen eine "homo" Beziehung mit einem Araber! Ana kaman 3arabi :D

  • nasibah ( 25 / W / Cleveland, OH )

    what a weird question since everyones suppose to be Muslim I would go out to east IF I rally liked the person and IF my sister or something was present

  • q8sultan ( 22 / M / Savoy, IL )

    I have never been in a date before, or even had a girlfriend. I don't know how to date? Or what to do?

  • zahidpaki ( 23 / M / Pakistan )

    Im from Pakistan i would meet once or twice if i find the right lady im looking for I'd like to meet family get married and getsettle down with her

  • annahyder ( 21 / W / Frisco, TX )

    I love going places- anywhere! Plays and movies are always fun, parks, walks, window shopping with coffee, cafe's. Literally everywhere is enjoyable to me (...most everywhere lol!)

  • Mohamed_Atef ( 27 / M / Egypt )

    The first date can be anywhere available. I can fly to her or even send her an invitation to pay me a visit

  • salima65 ( 39 / W / France )

    Dont want to meet for the moment. Just want to talk via internet

  • khan1102 ( 29 / W / Lincoln, NE )

    If we don't really know each other very well, I'd prefer to go out for coffee before we even have a first date... But if we've been talking for a while, dinner and a movie would be nice.

  • ajazayubmalik ( 35 / M / Pakistan )

    I am looking for a wife. Never been on a date so can't say anything about this.