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Just can't be categorized

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  • Ashraf2044 (39M/Johannesburg, Gauteng)


    Weekend in the bush far from civilisation.

  • rashaadmaleke (35M/Washington, DC)


    I enjoy going out to restuarants!

  • simplesam123 (28W/Tipton, England - West Midlands)


    Hope to meet up in a public place i.e shopping centre

  • ni5lam76 (37M/Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire)


    This would be difficult to determine unless you know what your potential date was into...i could think of a dozen things to do, but it would depend on the person....

  • We can talk or chat whatevrr is preferred at first.

  • NasImready (34W/Philadelphia, PA)


    We could go to a restaurant or walk

  • Shanni777 (44W/London, England - London)


    I would love to meet in a tea house somewhere. It is always very relaxing and the atmosphere is great to really give time to finding out about each other over a lovely cup of tea (or coffee!) with cakes (optional!) Alter  more>>

  • Nikkei81 (33W/Louisville, KY)


    Nice dinner, movies, bowling, convo and whatever the person might like to do.

  • Jabril427 (37M/Ocala, FL)


    Anything that will make us never forget it.

  • On verra bien Allahu a'lem, de préférence un lieu calme afin de faire connaissance dans de bonnes conditions

  • SOULDADDY (47M/Kitchener, ON)


    Anything Casual works for me, its important to feel very comfortable with each other right off the get go! I'm sure you agree?

  • ummyusuf1978 (36W/Flint, MI)


    We do not date in islam. There is nothing to explain.

  • Salim5555 (31M/Antwerpen, Antwerpen)


    a walk in the park or any other sugestion

  • i want a date with her in my own house where nobody lives eccept me.

  • muslim_babiix0x0 (20W/brisbane, Queensland)


    having fun, anywhere! at the beach, or in your room - i dont mind!