I dont know???? Romance

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    This site is so wierd, I dont know if this is good or not. But this site has mostly guys tring to get girls. Not in a nice way dont think this is the best way to do what you guys want to do. If you are looking for a wife do it the old fasiion way.
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    It's a very confusing state of culture on these sites, however, I have met some wonderful woman (the ones that you can proudly call your wife). I have met someone who is not perfect, but makes me very happy and is ready to compromise in a relationship and in wordly matters ! We have to find a happy medium in what we want and what we can have.....It's all about compromises and keeping things modest !
    There are no guarantees in life !
    Good luck and Allah hafiz.
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    Salaamz..every one..

    this site is to pass time..the only thing is and I mean the ONLY thing that is REAL BAD about this site..is the INSTANT MESSENGER IS SLOWER THAN A TURTLE MARATHON...lolzzzzzzz
    keep in touch peepz..and good luck
    ALLAH hafiz
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