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    I see this, the beheading stuff never bothered me until the poor South Korean lad, as his parents watch the death of their child in such a hideaous unmerciful way, I wonder how many mothers and fathers regardless of culture or religigion would feel differant than they do ?
    To me no religion teaches or supports such vile acts that in essence defame a whole religion or race, these people only care about power, not religion or what is in the best interests of the people on a whole. As such such criminals should be dealt with in the same manner they do, find their family's deal with them as you would supporters, anyone harbouring, helping etc the very same, 35 cent bullet resulves alot of hurt. No quarter given as they give none, no mercy either, hunt them down like rabid dogs I say. They are neither Holy, Patrotic or Freedom Fighters, they are nothing more than thugs, criminals who's purpose is to seize total power for themselves at any cost, the welfare of the people never come into play with these people. Faith in ones religion is a personal issue, but to be told what it means and how it applies is a sighn of ignorance. I hope to god that the Iraqui people will see the truth here, if they dont, they wil suffer more from new dictators who have no need to respect rights or the needs of people rather they will support their own whims. If this is what the people want so be it.
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    quran says fight those who transgress and seek them out where ever ye may find them so yes this is true islam whereever ye find them in the world this is what brothers do.the oppressors have not stop running they turn there backs but they peer around in perifial vision this is jihad then you have jihad an nafs jihad of the soul which of the two is better to die in the cause of allah or searching your soul to find allah as the other brother has already? all muslims are brothers to me no matter how they choose to worship allah brothers who fight the oppressors are terroist if only you were american you would be called army
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    yes we have to pratice the things which we suggest f others(true code of conducts)
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    Now following verses frm Quran have been posted below to emphasise the importance of consulting the Ulema or Scholars as an order of ALLAH.

    Ask those who recall, if you know not" (Qur'an 16:43)

    If they had referred it to the Messenger and to those of authority among them, then those of them whose task it is to find it out would have known the matter" (Qur'an 4:83)

    "Not all of the believers should go to fight. Of every section of them, why does not one part alone go forth, that the rest may gain knowledge of the religion and admonish their people when they return, that perhaps they may take warning" (Qur'an 9:122).

    I hope that you will change your statements- InshaALLAH
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    One can not call himself a muslim unless he follows the Koran and hadith and teach other the same. How can you teach others unless you know for sure it is in the Koran and Hadith? So do not follow any one but the Koran and Hadith. In his last Kutba Muhammad[pu] said " I am leaving two things for you, the Koran and my Sunnah and any one who follows them he won't go ashtray" Did he say the Koran, mu Sunnah, and OTHERS?. So do not follow any one apart from the Koran and Sunnah. It is an ORDER of Allah and Muhammad[sa]. This is safe as you do not know whether these moulanas, mullahs are right or wrong. If they are wrong then you will not be spared for doing wrong by following them.But if you follow the Koran and Sunnah this question does not arise. So please do not follow any one, not even your parents or teachers unless they can show you the references in the Koran and Hadith. from kind2u
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    Ohnestly I dont what these people fight for. They believe that are fighting in the name of Allah. But how they have been decieved. You guys said its easy to condemn them because we are not in that situation, but you can never go wrong by what Allah says in the Quaran.Muslims judge peolpe by the criteria(i.e Quran). Yhr US and the enemy combatants are both guilty of maiming and killing the innocent. Allah lays the rules of fighting down clearly. So there is no exscuse for killing the innocent period.All says that you follow the lust that is in your Heart.The holy prophet(saw) elaborated beutifully on the rules of engagement.Niether side will never be successul if they keep committing these attrocities. These are not my opinions, im simply viewing them in the light of the Quran.

    Salam, bros
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    Asalamuwa alai kum
    Yes, these acts by the gangs and or groups in Iraq and other places are counted as murder by Islaams and the sunnah's criterea as explained by schollars of the past and present. Even those who are non muslim civillians that are engineers or there for another legitimate reason are not to be touched as they have been called there for a reason and are under the protection of the authorities acording to the sharia. I completley understand that we are siting on our comfortable sofas and its easy for us to condem the terrorists. I would only hope that i would have sabbar and stick to the sunnah and trust in Allah if i was in an oppresed situation. However, as muslims our example must be the Messenger(SAW) in all matters and he and the companions (ra) suffered extreme oppresion such as an iron rod being struck up and through a females private parts by the mushrikeen(those who associate a partner with Allah). They sufferd for many years but with sabar and increasing in knowledge and imaan the companiond under the messenger (saw) were then rewarded with madina WITHOUT EVER GOING TO JIHAD YET by the mercy of Allah. So we can judge these people as Allah says He dosnt burden a sole more than it can handle and. every one is given tests to thier level and so these people who are so called representing islam are actually going to war in the same way as the non muslims and according to the sunnah. Down with people like Usamah bin laden and the khuwarij kharajies. Peace. asalamu wa alai kum.
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    Durango, I see your view as being extremely naieve.

    It its only at the most extreme of situations do events such as the type u described occur. When your at rock bottom..u do whatever it takes to gain some resemblence of control.

    I am in no way supporting attrocities -be it the mass murder of palestinians or the so called suicide bombs. I am merely stating that it is so easy for us to sit in our warm cosy homes and make such comments about situations we have NO knowledge of.

    A religion that comes as a way of oganising a society needs its rules and regulations adhered to. Islamic justice system is, by far, the most effective in keeping law and order so people can live in peace with no fear of being slaughtered merely because they belong to a certain religion.

    I hope my comments did not offend u in any manner.
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