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    I have a research paper on Judaism and Islam assigned by my English instructor. Can anyone please answer the following questions? Sorry to take your valuable time, but your information is very important!

    1. Why you become Islam? Are you born to be an Islam or because of some other reasons?
    2. Why do you strongly believe in this religion? Do you ever experience some special thing that makes you to have a strong belief? Can you explain please?
    3. Are there any books that Islams have to follow? Can you list some of them?
    4. Is there anything that Islams cannot do under the law of religion?
    5. If an Islam believes in other religions at the same time, is he violating the law given by the religion?
    6. Can you give an example of the punishment when an Islam violates the law?
    7. Are there Heaven and Hell in this religion? If so, how can a person go to heaven or hell?
    8. Are there any similarities between Islam and Judaism? Can you please explain?
    9. Are there any differences between Islam and Judaism? Can you please explain?

    I Appreciate Your Great Help and Kindness.
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    salam lizbeth'
    i woould just like to recommend two books for you, one is "from my sister's lips" by naima b. roberts; a celeberation of muslim sisterhood. and another one is "the vision" a collection of quranic verses compiled as topics for guidelines.
    hope u all the best in this life and here after.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 01, 2005 at 03:12 PM

    To, lizbeth2005
    You actually help me alot. Now i understand more deep into the religion of Muslim. I seriously appreciate for your great kindess and detail answers. I am pleased to know you. Thank You Very Much! ^^
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 30, 2005 at 12:03 PM

    I am very new to Islam.. I do not wish to give you answers which are wrong.. but inshaAllah I can answer a few of them to the best of my ability.

    1| I was very active in my church and community. I was a Christian, attended a non-denominational church. My family are all very devout Catholics. I have always tried to find out as much as I can about God. I have talked with Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Atheists and Satanists... even Protestants! (sorry, bad joke)
    In October my (sort of) friend at school told me she would not be at lunch for some time. When I asked why, she told me she was fasting for Ramadan, and told me the reasons behind it. Being a Christian, I was and am a great believer in prayer and fasting. I decided I would fast as well, if only as a means of becoming closer to God.
    I wanted to find out more, because I am always curious about other religions, beliefs and cultures. And so I began to study. Asme (the girl from my school) is the only Muslim I know in real life.. but I have a few friends online who are Muslim, and they helped me to learn as well.

    The reasons I accepted Islam are many.. and most of these will answer other of your questions. Beginning with the fact that I had always been troubled by the many inconsistencies in the Bible, and the fact that it has been so often translated.. and ending with the fact that with everything I learned of Islam.. I wanted to learn more.

    2| Sometimes... something just feels so perfect, you KNOW it is right. That is how it was for me with Islam. Everything just fell into place. And the more I learn.. the more right it feels.
    (And in case you are interested, I accepted Islam on October 28th of this year, on the last Friday of Ramadan, and life has never been more wonderful since) :)

    3| In Islam the "bible" we have to follow is the Quran. There are also other teachings (Hadiths) which are recordings of the lives and actions of the Prophet (saaws) Much as the "gospels" in the Bible tell the actions of Jesus. And I believe the "Sunnah" (spelling?) But I am still learning about this. I will leave that to others with more knowledge to explain. :)

    There are many other books and teachings.. essays.. I have read so much, and so much left to read! But these (forgive me if I misspeak) are the main things.

    4| Many things. There are things which are Halal (allowed) and things which are
    Haram (forbidden.)
    A few things which are Haram are:
    a| worshipping "gods" other than Allah. There is only one God.

    b| Consuming pork. (it is unclean.)

    c| Consuming Ethyl alcohol (like beer/wine/liquer)

    I have not yet learned all.. so please someone to correct me if I say anything in error.

    5| Yes. There is only one God, and that is Allah.
    "The Religion in the sight of Allah is Islam." (Quran 3:19)

    "If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (Submission to Allah), Never will it be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (their selves in the hell fire)." (Quran 3:85)

    6| o_o I cannot answer this question with accuracy, so I will leave it to others. Comment: I believe losing
    one's place in heaven would be more than enough punishment.

    But that is personal opinion.


    7| Prophet Mohammad (PBuH)said:

    "The superstructure of Islam is raised on five (pillars): testifying that there is no God (none truly to be worshipped)but Allah and that Mohammad is the mesenger of Allah, performing the prayer, paying the Zakah (poor due(like alms or tithing)),fasting the month of Ramadan, and performing Hadj."

    8| Definately.
    As I was learning of Islam I was shocked to find so many similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

    In Quran, Christians and Jews are called "people of the book." Prophet Mohammad
    (PBuH) was the last in a long line of prophets. The very same Prophets who are named in both the Bible and the Torah. There is only one God: Allah.

    Many of the teachings in Quran are also spoken of in both the Torah and the Bible... which leads to the answer to your last question.

    9| Many diferences, I'm afraid. :(

    In Judaism it is believed that the Torah is the whole of the Word and teachings of God. They believe in the Prophets
    named in the Torah (which are the same prophets mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.) The believe that the
    Prophets foretold of in the Torah & Old Testament have not come yet.

    In Christianity it is believed that the Bible, (Old and New Testament (Torah and Gospels)) is the whole of the Word and teachings of God. They believe in the Prophets of the Torah (Old Testament) and also in the Prophets of the New Testament (Gospels) including John the Baptist, and Jesus (Isaa.) They believe that Jesus is the Prophet foretold of in the Old Testament (Torah) and believe that He was the final of God's messengers. They also believe that Jesus is the literal son of God, and some actually believe that Jesus is God himself in a different form.

    In Islam. It is believed that God sent His Word to His people through the Torah.. and then through the Bible.. and then and finally through the Quran. We believe in the Prophets spoken of in the Bible and Torah, and in Prophet Mohammad (PbuH) who was the the last of the Prophets. Muslims do not believe that Jesus (Isaa) was the literal son of God. There is only one God, with no equals, no partners, no children, no wife. But it is told in the Quran of the miraculous conception of Prophet Isaa (Jesus) to a virgin mother. Just as God created Adam with no mother and no father, he created Jesus with no father. :)

    Both Torah and Bible have been greatly changed over the centuries, through both translation and through outright editing of God's Word by men. The Quran has been kept whole and intact, and in the language which it was originally given to the Prophet (PBuH) by Allah.

    "To thee We sent the Scripture in truth, confirming the scripture that came before it and gaurding it in safety..." (Quran 5:48)

    Some of my quotes were taken from an essay which was sent to me by a friend. I cannot link to the essay so I would like to give credit that the Essay was ammended from "HOW TO BECOME A MUSLIM" originally prepared & published by Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance - Riyadh.

    I hope this helped a bit. May Allah forgive me if I have said anything wrong. :)

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