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    He told me that what I have dreamed about was the Holy Qu'ran and that Allah (SWT) was sending me a message. I asked him if he could get me a Qu'ran in English so I might understand what I was reading. A few weeks later a young girl who also worked in my company and is also a Muslima gave me a Qu'ran in English. I was very eager to start reading this book. So when I started reading the Holy Qu'ran,you know what happened? I did not fall asleep. I read till very late in the night. And when I finally decided to go to bed. I had the best sleep I have ever had in my life. When I finished reading the Holy Qu'ran I had this feeling that I want to become a Muslim as soon as possible before it was too late. I had to wait about a week before a co-worker had time to take me to a Mosque. We went there on a Friday (Jumua') He had told me the day before to take a shower and wash myself from head to toe. To make sure I was very clean,which I did. On that day when we were in the Mosque, he showed me how to do Wuthu. For everypart that I washed with water I felt even more clean than I already was. After we had finished we went into a room were the Imam and two witnesses were waiting for us. The Imam started reciting in Arabic and I felt captured my the words that he was reciting. I could not move and I did not want to move. It was a very good feeling that I had.
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    Assalym alikum, the most lovely thing about reading Quran is that it breathes life into your soul. There nothing can touch it but god. The first time I read the Quran I was captured by the beautiful words, and opened a door inside my heart to see the beauty in an unkind world. It allowed me to view the world how Allah created it in purity. I felt I missed a whole life time of beauty, but ahamdillah I know it now and will not lose it. Peace upon you both and to your families.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 08, 2005 at 12:47 PM told that you didn't sleep untill you left the book.
    I know it was one day before Kurban Bayram when I start for the first to read the Kur'an and it's true I didn't sleep untill I left Kur'an that nigh even if it was too late at nigh and it's true that I never ever slept on the bad like that before wonderful feelings even I don't know how to explain my feelings.By the way Thanks Allah that I'm a Muslim and I'm grown on the Muslim family.
    Allah Is The Only One...We Need Him And He Needs No One
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