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    Isn't it a problem to find a wife?it's the most important phase in the whole marriage ceremony ,and so it's for me , I looked and looked but got nothing, I subscribed into a lot of sites but no one works, I send emails they respond but they want to play first??? what's that people? there are whom looking for marriage and others wanna play , I don't like to play and I don't think that I would spend time on that , I have just 23 years old and I guess it was so long since I started my trip of finding a spouse , at first I was trying to find my partner in my local area but nothing's happened than I switched to the whole territory and always I got nothing again and now I'm looking on the net and still nothing's changed!!!
    Is there really a wife for me? May ALLAH help me to find her and complete my HALF OF DEEN , once I remembered asking one if she can relocate to my country and she said no way! I asked :but why did you emailed me ? she said:I wanna get fun!?
    I suppose they are the 2nd generations of spammers , there are other places of making fun , why messing with the matrimonials' site aims they should go where to belong not here and there , any way I wrote this just because I felt it and still feel it this way , and I ask people reading my message to make DUA for me to get married soonly to avoid HARAM INSHA ALLAH ,
    Take care SALAM
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    oh my ...u are just 23 and a man..i am already 37 and a woman....everytime i feel that i am going to be closer with any guys i'll end up with nothing too..and after that i'll be thinking of my ex..the cycle just goes on ..seing others get married maybe normal but i always wonder (other than fate) why can they...
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