starting a new life and friendship with muslimahs Romance Forward to friends

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    For so long I have lived outside Islam only to find that the women tend to be too materialistic and fake personally ie nails both feet and hands, eyes, hair, motives. No self repsect, false pride they think is genuine.Yet they are always saying they want a real man. I chose Islam for the reasons Allaah give being the real, correct religion for us all. My intentions are to find a muslimah friend first then hopefully inshallah flourish it into a progressive relationship based on her being ready to proceed. I believe strongly in equality between man and woman and a woman being treated equally and put on a pedalstal of admiration and devotion to her. My dear muslimah sisters please respond!
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    as-salaam alaikum alhamdiallah you are muslim now, my name is amenah you sent me a wick i have a blog message also my topic was it is had for a mature sister to get a muslim because of our age alot of brother want younger wives to have more children we sisters in our early 50"s we are looking forward to our golden years. my Allah bless you.
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