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    I must say i was in the forum on romance and I can say when I first learned that it is a web site for muslims my first thought was this seems to be somewhat of a wordly approach, and I know we are not suppose to date. RIGHT... Well anyway being a new muslima in Islam it is hard to believe that I joined a religon, one which was perfected by ALLAH, and it would contain such tainted views.
    One said you know your intentions prior to signing up and also some good suggestions was offered for alternative, but we know that computer as well as television is all means to disturb us from what we are suppose to be doing and that's praising ALLAH all day and night. Using it for purposes of work and seeking knowledge I would think would be acceptable.
    AFter realizing that this 'DOUBTFUL' act is haram I just thought I would take the time to share my thoughts with you all prior to logging out this last time.
    I did not become a muslim based on the actions of others because some muslims are just as worldly as a Kufar, but based on what I have read. I would like to ask everyone of you to stop and Read or Reread what your heart and spirit already know. I wish you all well and IN SHA ALLAH we all do what we feel and know to be right.

    Signed sister

    May ALLAH peace and blessings be upon you all.
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