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    hi my name is esha! i live in the US.and m looking 4 muslimspanish friends. i m orginally 4m pakistan but live in usa. i have been here 4 11 years. i luv meeting ppl, but hate them who think something of themselves, i hate proud ppl,i m not saying this so u will think that i m proud and im hiding it. i m a friend for a friend. i dont need to hide anything 4m u all cause friendship start with being truthful, and honest. so contact me and i will luv to chat with u. but i m not a gold member so .........

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    selam alejkum

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    Maasha allah I just don't know how we have it in common but even me indeed my dear sisters i like Spanish people as i used to have spanish friends by nationality(pure) and yeah they are really nice people at least the ones I knew...and i like their lanuage alot even I learn it trough online by myself(and even Arabic) although i was been taught for 1.5 year at high school but didn't finish that course.... And I'm glad I know a bit about this language and I also speak fluently Dutch ... and english of course..lool..wasalaam sisters...I hope we will all find what we r searching for deep from inside at the right time...insha allah..
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    The spanish are very kind giving and are very loving . They are very happy when they meet people who understand their way of life and know their lanage . They are some of best type of friends to have and they will be willing to help u learn spanish also so that u and they can commuicate . So know English as the first others know as their sencond - it just depends on if they were born here and raised here or from being raised in say Mexico first then lerning English . But they if they know both are not going to give that way . U will have to use Spainsh first. Good way of knowing if they understand spanish them selfs watch their faces to see the reaction , that always gives it a way . They wil tell u that they don't understand spanish after that . But yeah the way they react will help u to determan if they them selfs know it . I hope this helps some what.
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    Salam to all,

    I am sister from Singapore. I can also speak Spanish but not fluent. Actually, I am also looking for Spanish speaking spouses or friends. To my knowledge, there are two predominantly Spanish speaking people in the world; they are the Spanish people themselves and Latin American.
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    To answer your question -see meaning yes in the lanage . No I 'm not but I 've talk to some who are muslim and they are around .
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    do u mean spanich speaking or spanich heritage..i speak spanish...
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