Looking 4 a Blue eyed muslim inshaALLAH.. Religion

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    Okay you people. I'm just here to tell you that the ONLY PURPOSE of our creation is to WORSHIP ALLAH. NEVER FORGET THAT GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!! So FEAR Him or ye shall perish!

    ALLAH HU AKBAR! GOD IS THE GREATEST! And dont you ever forget it cuz u'll regret it! (Hey, that rhymes).

    P.S. - All this "Muslim" dating stuff is NON-SENSE. Dating leads to kissing, kissing leads to intimacy (w/o marriage) and that leads to hell.

    P.P.S. - That all takes you FARTHER AWAY from Allah. So quit looking for that someone who will satisfy your lusts!

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    Patience Sister

    May ALLAH Help you

    There are many reverts or second generation Muslims in Europe and USA

    By the way Turks are also similar to europeans

    But be careful

    Internet is deceptive
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    salaam alaikum, blue eyed men can just as easily be found in northern Europe, the upper midwest US, some parts of Egypt, some places like Afghanistan and even in parts of Russia. So, keep your goals and be patient. Allah will provide. I assume it isn't the main issue for you, just something you are attracted to. That is your right.
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    salaam alaikum, I find it funny that sooooo many are saying it is "bad" or "hard" to find blue eyed Muslims. Why is it bad? NO different than those wanting to marry only a fellow Pakistani or Fellow Arab or fellow this or that! Or the ones who say they are wanting a handsome or beautiful husband or wife.

    So go girl! People post attacks against your preference because they aren't meeting that profile.
    My husband is blue eyed and Muslim revert. So is my younger brother. So are a few of my friends' husbands. Here in the upper midwest blue eyes are the norm, so it isn't unusual to find it.

    As a blue eyes woman, I find it "normal", but I have grey-blue eyes and so does my daughter & people even here mention how unusual our eyes are.
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    Sellam alejkum aziz my name is gzim. how are you ? a vill
    to now with you a more.I ?m living in swedin .InshAllah tomorow wi ken toulk. Sellam alejkum.
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    U better convert a Irish man who is real tall and handsome to get a Blue eyed muslim man..hmmm know what?? try going to my ancestors land of Afghanistan or Southern Russia..make sure..u take an extra "Speed Stick"..lolzz
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    aassalam alikm
    here in usa everything ir related with money anytime but let mr tell you sister in koran allah recomend us to get marrried as possible as we can inchallah it is purty for anafs wa gazakom allah
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    Assalamu'alaykum Warahmatulahee Wabarakatuhu,

    The reason asking for specific physical characteristics, though appearing to be quite superficial if that's the only category taken into consideration, is because marriage is supposed to be a protection from fitnah as it is. Imagine if you got that wonderful guy with great deen, but you still desire a man with blue eyes. Which might lead to something else..Allahu A3lam.

    So all in all, marriage is as a SHIELD for you, so choose wisely..choose the one with the best religion, but DEFINATELY also one you're attracted to inshaAllah.

    Wa Allahu A3lam.
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    Their is nothing wrong with taking into consideration a persons physical attributes. Can you poin out in Quran where it says that is forbidden?
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    when one is considering marriage it should be based upon ones attributes to life and NOT superficial because looks can be taken just like they were given!!!!!!!!!
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    i can wear contacts and a wig for u baby!!

    just holla.... lol
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    Blue eyes do not matter, but its not forbidden to look for blue eyes ! However I agree Deen is the most important attribute. But hey, everyone has a right and privilege to be selective and picky !! I hope you get the blue eyes AND a true Muslim !!
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    why do they need to have bluew eyes?does it matter
  • View author's info posted on Oct 15, 2004 09:28

    do the blue eyes have more faith than others? please when you are looking relationship think who is gonna be your child's Dad or mother. if you make your houses foundation weak you will never get stronger insha allah try to see the relagionside
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    i doooo inshllha but hey got few brobloms lol me got greens were u from if intrested email me
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