Indian agrasion to bangladeshi muslims Cultures and Education Forward to friends

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    say someting about it.
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    salaam brother arian khan,

    well i dont know about indian against bangla desi muslims...all i can say is that im a pakistani and my muslim begoli neighbour doesnt like me, she swears at me tells me that my kids are misbehaved, they think that they are better than us..[dont ask me why coz my other next door neighbour told me],

    but that nextdoor neighbour who doesnt like me told me that i have got 7 kids like a female dog!!!!!...she made it obvious that as an bengali they dont like pakistanis, the other begali neighbour told me that shes out of fashion???????.....why does this have to happen?????...i mean that begali who doesnt like me i dont say anything to her nor does my kids we play in our own garden yet still they moan!!!!...i have aggressive benagli neighbours yet its the same every where else..y does bengalis think that they are better then every one else??/...i really cant think of anything...only that we pakistanis are healthier and they are not.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 14, 2006 at 11:42 AM

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
    [36.60] Did I not charge you, O children of Adam ! that you should not serve the Shaitan? Surely he is your open enemy,

    Shaitan is de devil he uses the non-believers as the believers to fight eachother and he sits back and watches. Thats his job to create hatred. In the vers above Allah doesnot say ow muslim
    Allah warns all people as we are all children of Adam(a.s.) dont hate because invokes shaitan and he who invokes him has a dangerous advisor with him.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 18, 2005 at 10:55 PM

    Salam Aleikum...

    Intellect is but scare in this world ruled by the likes of a bush!!... quote from the famous sandman!! :)

    I'm not a bengali... but close, i'm an ethnic group(Malayali, and damn proud of it) who has the freedom to exist in the mighty nation called India. I'm a southerner and we identify with the bengalis more so because they are dark like us and almost similar in food habits(rice and fish) if i'm not mistaken.

    One thing that gets my temper running is the racial slurr that others use for us southies and bengalis. I used to live in the UAE and i knew a lot of bengalis back there. My best friends were from the Malayali, Bengali and Balochi ethnic groups. We were sort of like crusaders who had usual fights with the Paki and Arab communities because they generally degraded us with abuses and harassment. Eventually we won the fear and respect of the Pakis and Arabs who think that white is better and quite a few of them started accepting that black people like me are good to challenge them... in any field.. sports, education, etc.

    Thats not to say the white are weak... just that GOD created us equally... as man. And in his holy qur'an GOD declares as such "And we seperated you into tribes and peoples so that you may recognise each other". Nowhere does he say white is better than black.

    India is the land that the prophet muhammad promised, a land where all peoples of all religions, castes, colors could live without fear of being killed and practice their beliefs as they wish to. We muslims have so many rights and liberties(Women are allowed to vote and pray in mosques in some parts of India) that many "so-called" purely islamic states do not have. India, as a nation has never been an aggressor to Bangladesh or muslims. There must have been some sections of the majoritan society who wield the torch of hatred and communalism, but history bears testimony to the fact that India helped Bangladesh secure her freedom, when India could have easily crushed the forces of that nation in the 1971 freedom movement and invaded Bangladesh.

    Let me brief u of what happened in 1971... After nine months of war, the Pakistani occupation forces surrendered in Dhaka on 16th December. 1971 after killing an estimated three million people(GENOCIDE!!! BY MUSLIMS ON MUSLIMS). Please remember this.

    How did the weak and tiny Bangla forces defeat the heavily armed PAK forces?? They dint do it alone!!! On the 3rd of December 1971, the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) struck a number of Indian airfields in northern India. By midnight, India was officially at war with Pakistan. Two weeks later, the war was over. The Indian Army had overrun erstwhile East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and taken 93,000 POWs. It was one of the swiftest military campaigns in recent history...

    I hope this is clear to you... As for the recent aggression triggered by the stupid movement of the BDR(Bangladeshi rifles) into Indian territory and marking acts of invasion, how else would a sovereign country react other than to fight and kill the intruders... That is not aggression, that is the modern law of International geo-politics.

    I'm a muslim first, and nationalism holds no place in Islam. But what i have learned from Islam is that the nation that supports you and feeds you, and permits you to practice your faith with peace, is your home!!! And i would not burn down or degrade my home for anyone... muslim or of any other religion.

    Hope you are happy with my answer. So go home happy reading that muslims here(INDIA) pray that sense be put into the stupid terrorists and foolish aggressors who give Islam a bad name and that we may not be humiliated in the here or hereafter...

    The data given here is true to the best of my knowledge and may ALLAH raise us above petty skirmishes to higher gound of peace and development and grant us respect here and hereafter... Aameen!

    Ma'salam :)
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