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    if he tells you to do something outside of Islam....a little fist of fury may not hurt, and it may just bring him back to reality. Seriouly, the best thing to do in cases like this, wa Allahu Alim, be kind in speech and quote kitaab Allah wa sunnah nabi Muhammad SAWS. Also as we should all be doing anyway for our spouse, make du'aa...plenty of du'aa.
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    u better not bro coz u'll have a lot of sisters out there who would want to give u a pieace of their mind...u say that u grew up cooking....doent seem to me like u have...ur wife seems to do all the hard haveing ur kids...its hard enough keeping them on the straight and narrow then having to be reminded that she has to ask all the time..yes i know the hadith, but personally i think that when u have an understanding asking comes 10th class bro...i think that ur wife probabaly doesnt do all that thats why ur targetting the sisters on this forum.

    get ur wife on here we would like to hear what she has to say about ur wayz.....
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    I do not do much cleaning inside the house, I have all of the yard work. Also I do repairs if I'm able. I do not cook either, that is unless we're having guest who want b-b-q. The wife and daughter do most of the cooking. But my boys cook too. I think it is something they should know since I grewup cooking.
    As for the husband letting the wife know where he is or where he is going...yeah I think that's between them if "he" tells her. But in the case of the wife, she has to ask her husband if she wants to leave the home. Insha Allah I'll comment more once I'm settled back in Georgia.
    Oh, I'm not looking to argue, just some talk.
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    tell me bro how much house work do u do??????.

    statistically regardless of caste colour and creed its always the women who do end up doing the housework n cooking.

    but i think that if there is understanding then it doesnt really matter who does it....usually its passed onto the wife but if shes tired then the husband does it.

    as for doing what her husband wants her to do...that depends on what he wants her to do?????

    but to cut short the argument i think that there is nothing wrong in letting ur husband know here u are and who u are with n vis versa, its just a matter of understanding.
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