I Dont Wanna Get Married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friendship

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    hi may frand how you doing ?i so your profil i liket pls chatting wot me .thanks lot of love from jakir /
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    hii there if u wanna chat than

    take care
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    Salam sister

    it's a shame u and i both fell that way about men. but remember sister a man can be wrong, but not islam. i know its hard to stay strong in ur deen when life seems so hard and sometimes not fare, but what keeps me strong is knowing that Allah will only gives me as much as u can handel. try to stay strong for ur child. were living in the last days, so i guess it's going to be hard. stay strong
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    not prefer to be married !!!!
    ok guys ....every 1 with his \her experience and thought and life is huge ...
    hope u love life
    salam to all
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    And teach them to type properly
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    May ALLAh bring backj all these guys to deen - Aameen
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    Oh mY Godddddddddddddd
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    Wa alaikum moesalaam wa rag matullahi Sister J

    With all due respect I beg to differ. I was married to a humble muslim man.. he never studied the deen like your husband did but practised until he started becoming very materialistic and abusive in the marriage.

    I have 2 kids who are a year apart. He does not assist with the kids in any way.

    Yet, I have with the Might of the ALMIGHTY been able to pick up the pieces and move on. Allah has given me a job, a small business and my health in order to support my family.

    However, I do long for a soul mate. And I do believe that iA Allah will provide me with that too. HE (SWT) says in the HOLY QURAAN we should ask him for all things we need.

    Dont be so despondent. There are good muslims who fear ALLAH (SWT) and who deserve good muslim women like ourselves.

    It is for you to help yourself for now. Build up that self esteem and look at things you dont want in your next marriage iA

    Keep your faith!
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    Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,

    I surely can relate to the sister. I recently was divorced from my husband of almost 4 years. I chose to marry my husband because he was so strong in the deen. Studied with shaykhs and really knew the deen.

    Things change. Now, he has left the deen and now wants to party, and do things of the west again.(this was a thing of his past as well.) and now I'm back to square one, but this time with a child.

    Now i just don't believe in marriage. Well, maybe i should not say that, I should just say that marriage is there, but it's not for me. :-(
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    Salaam VeeraMahmud.

    From your response I can only make duah for you. May ALLAH(SWT) soften your heart.

    May HE (SWT) guide you and the rest of the ummah unto the straight path iA.

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    Assalamu Alaikum sister Vera,

    Let me just say that the sister is right. ALLAH(SWT) did not made us different genders for us not to mate and recreate with one another. Also as a muslimah it is our duty to become married. My dear sister I only hope that you are joking because if your heart really feels this way you should make dua and ask ALLAH(SWT) to change your heart.

    Also please read the Quran, in it are many revelations as to why ALLAH(SWT) has prescribed this for us women i.e. protection and so forth.

    Also sister I noticed you live in the West, as so do I and I hope that you are not allowing this country to sway your views there way. (Because it sounds alot like what alot of non- muslim women say near me).


    and at a time like this under what our religion is going thru, the last thing we need is for our sisters not to want to fulfill there islamic duties!

    BarakAllahu feekum sister

    ALLAH(SWT)knows best and none other knows like ALLAH(SWT)
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    The topic is rather sad...

    ALLAH (SWT) created amnd and woman to be there for each other.

    Im not a hafith but I do remember that there is an ayat where ALLAH states that they should be like clothes one to the other.

    To protect each others chastity...and prevent shaitaan from misleading them etc...

    Marraige is a beautiful thing if the couple can just live in harmony and most importantly according to Shariah

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    okaay, someone is in denial..or something..even though if I am looking for someone..I sure don't want a Egyptian Film Industry reject..and btw, that post wasn't typed with you in mind..are you having halucinations or what, sweetie? u take a chill pill, aite..not me..and plz, don't get maad like that..for all the members to see..ALLAH hafiz
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    WHAT??? enough about this shizznit that "I don't wanna get married"..there are over 2 billion peepz in this world...and believe me they all didn't just came outta no where..lol..ALLAH (SWT)has this system in place, and when the time is right and its written in your fate..don't be surprised that u end up holding your wife's (no sex before marriage, kids) hand, when she is in LABOR.
    ALLAH hafiz,
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    hello wat is going on down ppl. ya guyz r not that fun, how come no one say to me munira wlc huh........well see yah guyz peace
  • View author's info posted on Jan 30, 2005 at 17:51

    hi how you doing bab i love to make frandes wote you pls chatt woth me lot off love from jakir ?
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