Lonely sis in U.S.A.......Help! Friendship

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    Hello, My name is Mustajab Ali, usually call "Ali". From Lahore, Pakistan. Looking to talk to Pkaistani people in USA and explore my knowledge. How is life? what is important and what is not? Read your forum and thought should leave a comment. Live in Des Moines, IOWA. If interesting in Cyber friends then please reply, I would love to be in your friend list at least! Take Care, Allah Hafiz, TaTa! "Ali"
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    Salaam alaikum Lubna. I live in a town really close to you in Northern New Jersey. I just moved here from Missouri and haven't made many friends. I am an American convert and just got married, and my husband's from India. Have you been to the Teaneck Masjid? There are many Paki/Indians there.
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    Assalamualiakum Lubana,
    How r u, I am Amer from India looking nice friend like you, any way hows ur life........bye take care..........allah-hafiz
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    Just left a comment on your forum, You said you are marriad what I was thinking is, why would you be looking for friends online when there a good muslim Community in NJ. have not been there but believe so because its like a center and so close to NY. My profile might lead to more information about me. Salaam to your Husband, Take Care, Allah hafiz, "Ali"
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