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    Dear Muslim friends,
    Some Muslim cultures are not suitable for the development of the world. For example, anti-Americans, suicide, anti-westerners and so on. If muslims change the cultures into loving the lives of muslims, loving westerners and change muslims' custom into the Christian religion, I can be sure that muslims will have better life. There are facts that we must face, the modern civilization is created by Americans, British, French, Germans, Japanese and other westerners. Without the discoveries and inventions, all muslims can not have current happy life. As the saying goes, he that lives with cripples learns to limp. If muslims still follow Al-Queda and China State Security Ministry, muslims can only limp. If muslims follow Americans and other westerners, muslims will have bright future. For example, after World War II, East Germany followed communists, the people of East Germany had very life. But West Germany followed Americans, the people of West Germany had very good life. North Korea follows communists of China, the people of North Korea have very bad life and have no food to eat. But South Korea follows Americans, the people of South Korea have very good life. Right now, supported and fooled by Chinese Communist Party, Iran leaders are making mistake to develop nuclear weapons. I hope that all muslims are united to condemn Iran leaders. If Iran leaders still develop nuclear weapons, all muslims should be united to overthrow the current Iran government. Presently, Al-Queda and China State Security Ministry are supporting and guiding muslim terrorists to kill innocent Americans and British and Iraq muslims. Muslims should know that Americans and British risk their lives to help and liberate Iraqis. So all muslims in Iraq should be united to fight the terrorists and to help Americans and British. I can be sure that if muslims follow Americans, the muslims will have bright future.
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    Hmm..i think you are blurrer by the distinction between muslim culture and arab culture or whatever culture you see now.

    Muslim culture are not those you mentioned.

    With regards to terrorism, why are your mind only labelling muslims? If we have learnt anything from history is that terror stems not only arabs but other races as well, IRA, Japanese Red Army, Moaist etc. So please distinct muslim from Arabs, or muslim from Indians. One is a religion and the other is race.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 31, 2006 at 08:01 PM

    salut back to you.

    your assumptions on muslims and islam is based on the current.

    do go and research more on islam and how it has contributed to the world development in the past.

    my point is, islam and muslims have also contributed positively to the world we are living in right now.

    also, westernisation hasn't really helped the world develop in every sense of the word.

    one point i'd like to bring up is how has the greenhouse effect contributed to anything positive?

    on the other hand, the greenhouse effect is a necessary evil to bring out today's modernisation of the world.

    there are always at least two sides of a story my friend.

    please be constructive in your arguments and point of views.
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