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    as you may have seen recently on the news about the soldiers which were "rescued" from iraqi police/militants.

    kinda strange how these soldiers were in basra wearing faked beards in disguise with alot of ammunition. what are the views of the muslims here as to what you think these undercover soldiers were doing since there is very little mention in the media (seems kinda strange) and how we should view such things in light of the whole regeneration of iraq plan.
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    Assalamo alaykom w, w

    Well, thanks for your Imformation.

    Anyway, it is very clear some americans leader are the true terorist and thirst of oil...But alhamdolillah many americans now convert to ISLAM due to the fact the only book in the world never corrupted, Still intact is only Qur'anil Kareem


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  • View author's info Posted on May 07, 2006 at 08:21 PM

    TO be disguised is no surprise. It was part of their job. They are spies.

    What happened and is still going on in Iraq is wrong. Allah will punish those who try to change this country and all others.

    Look at is corrupt in every way shape and form. It allows all sin and accomodates for the sinners.
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