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    "British forces spokesman Major Steve Melbourne said the two men had immunity from prosecution under an arrangement between the Iraqi government and coalition forces."

    (check out news dot bbc dot co dot uk for the article)

    should the uk troops have immunity..?
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    Salam brother prophet muhammad (pbuh)said to a man DON T GET ANGRY 3 times abd then said "dont u your face changes colour,don't u see the fire ,don't u see the shaytan coming?learn from the sunnah with understanding brother.
    We know whats going on ,prayer and patiance is the greatest jihad and they will be the losers AHAMDULILLH!
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    I am certainly no advocate of the armed forces, but the rest of the article states.... But he said the UK would "work closely" with the Iraqi investigation team, and with the Iraqi government.

    Which means that on some level it will be investigated. I think what we should question is not whether they are immune from Iraqi law, but rather if they fall under the jurisdiction of British law will it actually be investigated by an independent body, and will justice be done? Hmmmm perhaps I am asking too much.
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