Insecurity towards relationship relationship

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    I do agree with you. Just keep trying to find one but don't forget to say your prayer to Allah. In my believing, if he is your faith, Allah will make you closed to him. You will find him. It might be easy to get into the relationships but if you want to find soul mate, that will be hard for you to find one. And the important thing for that is Respect each other not only love and care....Respect yourself as a woman and Respect him as a human/man..n of course trusting...Diah/Jakarta/Indonesia
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    salams to all,
    the issue of getin in to relationship is hard now a days, we expect a lots and offer very little, any relationship starts from friendship because that is the only way to understand other person, sometime you have to put your priorites back and take the step ahead.

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    assalamu alaikum sister
    the fact that u keep rejecting guys because of your unsecurity .i agree with you enterely because of the amount of divorces among muslims my opinion sister you should leave your entire decision to allah SWT by making salat istikhara and a lot of duaa
    may Allah grant you a suitable mate insha allah
    wa assalamu alaikum
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    Women have a hard time nowadays because with new relationships often comes with too much baggage brought by men. Okay bring a grocery bag size of baggage but not your whole travel set!
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    Hello there,
    Its all good you got nothing to lose, just try harder to find 1 out 1,000 it could happen. hey i am just treassing you. anyhow now a days girls are not sure about guys becouse all the drama start you this you that BMW, 30,000 wedding etc.

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